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#192 ASDF::IMPLEMENTATION-IDENTIFIER contains ABCL build environment identifier Mark Evenson defect trivial 1.1.0 ASDF
#195 prompt is displayed twice when evaluating NIL at the REPL vvoutilainen defect trivial 1.1.0 interpreter
#7 SLIME support (delivered with ABCL) needs updating ehuelsmann defect minor other
#9 Implementation of CDR6 (Inspector-hook) somebody enhancement minor 0.12 other
#18 Incorporate 'invoke.lisp' dynamic classpath ability somebody enhancement minor 1.0 other
#33 Measure the impact of filling stack trace information when performing GO/RETURN/THROW somebody task minor 0.22 other
#59 Add extensible sequences to ABCL astalla enhancement minor 0.19 other
#60 Implement USE-FAST-CALLS properly ehuelsmann defect minor 1.1.0 compiler
#78 Include ASDF-INSTALL in base ABCL Mark Evenson defect minor unscheduled libraries
#82 TRANSLATE-PATHNAME failure Mark Evenson defect minor other
#84 jcall and t/nil boolean arguments nobody defect minor 1.3.1 java
#88 Predicate to distinguish between functions implemented directly in Java vs. Lisp nobody enhancement minor 0.22 java
#96 Lambda list &rest interpreter error ehuelsmann defect minor 0.26 interpreter
#103 DOCUMENTATION doesn't seem to autoload properly nobody defect minor 0.22 libraries
#105 DIRECTORY ignores :WILD-INFERIORS Mark Evenson defect minor 0.23 other
#110 #\+ in JAR pathnames does not work Mark Evenson defect minor other
#126 Provide mechanism for user to extend Java classes via Lisp nobody task minor 1.2.0 java
#128 ABCL command line processing should terminate with '--' Mark Evenson defect minor 0.25 java
#130 SLIME under Windows has "extra" CRLF Mark Evenson defect minor 1.1.0 other
#131 LISP-IMPLEMENTATION-VERSION with svn information breaks SLIME. Mark Evenson defect minor 0.27 java
#146 MAKE-PATHNAME erroneously merges directories as in MERGE-PATHNAMES somebody defect minor 0.26 other
#150 MAKE-PATHNAME ignores version in :DEFAULTS Mark Evenson defect minor 0.26 java
#153 Rewrite JNEW-RUNTIME-CLASS nobody task minor 1.2.0 java
#157 0.26 ansi-test regressions nobody defect minor 0.27 libraries
#161 Port NAMED-READTABLES nobody defect minor unscheduled libraries
#164 Cannot quit SLIME REPL somebody defect minor unscheduled other
#172 DOCUMENTATION does not work for generic functions ehuelsmann defect minor 1.1.0 interpreter
#175 abcl.release target fails occasionally unassigned defect minor 1.1.0 build
#179 LIST-DIRECTORY ignores :RESOLVE-SYMLINKS flag? vvoutilainen defect minor unscheduled other
#183 build.xml needlessly compiling Lisp sources Mark Evenson defect minor unscheduled build
#189 Compiler fails for 'unsigned-byte type declaration ehuelsmann defect minor 1.1.0 compiler
#201 &WHOLE broken in DEFINE-METHOD-COMBINATION somebody defect minor 1.1.0 CLOS
#206 COMPILER-UNSUPPORTED-FEATURE-ERROR is derived from CONDITION, rather than from ERROR ehuelsmann defect minor 1.1.0 compiler
#208 Files loaded via "--load <FILE>" on the command line have no pathname defaults ehuelsmann defect minor 1.1.0 interpreter
#214 Stack overflow when compiler macro with fallback is triggered ehuelsmann defect minor 1.1.0 compiler
#232 Allow wrapper script to reference install directory instead of build directory Mark Evenson enhancement minor 1.1.0 build
#236 Bad error message for malformed forms ehuelsmann defect minor compiler
#282 Spurious macros redefinition warnings ehuelsmann defect minor 1.2.0 compiler
#307 errors related to package-local nicknames should be continuable rschlatte defect minor other
#369 Put a link to the manual in ABCL homepage enhancement minor other
#403 Normalize encode/decode-universal-time and DST to "time of the time" semantics Mark Evenson defect minor 1.4.0 interpreter
#409 CL:FORMAT ~$ buglet defect minor 1.8.0 (A)MOP
#451 DIRECTORY errors with wildcard directory defect minor 1.8.0 interpreter
#456 SYSTEM:AVAILABLE-ENCODINGS symbols strangeness Mark Evenson defect minor 1.8.0 other
#471 LOOP destructures non-conformingly defect minor 1.8.0 other
#476 Wrong file type returned by COMPILE-FILE-PATHNAME Mark Evenson defect minor 1.8.1 compiler
#481 Problems with differing *READ-BASE* values for COMPILE-FILE/LOAD defect minor 1.8.1 other
#1 Website improvements for 0.13 somebody task major 0.13 other
#2 Human readable printing of errors and conditions somebody enhancement major unscheduled other
#3 Handling of special variables somebody defect major other
#4 Current CLOS implementation speed improvements somebody defect major other
#5 CLOS reimplementation to support a MOP (preferably AMOP) rschlatte enhancement major 1.2.0 CLOS
#6 Wildcards for (directory) don't work with symbolic links vvoutilainen defect major other
#13 Support for (FLEXI-STREAMS-like) :external-format somebody defect major other
#15 compilation of forms with keywords having the same name as special variables fails somebody defect major 0.22 other
#19 SLIME from CVS HEAD needs 'with-mutex.lisp' ehuselmann defect major 0.22 other
#21 Compilation failure from stack inconsistency ehuelsmann defect major 0.22 compiler
#22 keyword parameters by same name as global variable somebody defect major other
#23 RETURN handled differently in interpreted and compiled code somebody defect major other
#24 Ability to load ASDF systems off JAR files in the classpath Mark Evenson enhancement major unscheduled libraries
#25 Variable scoping issues somebody defect major other
#26 Multi-thread safety somebody enhancement major 0.22 other
#27 Support for reading files in other than ISO-8859-1 encodings (UTF-8) somebody enhancement major other
#28 Adjustable array not adjustable somebody defect major other
#31 Create example code for various use cases of ABCL vvoutilainen task major 0.12 other
#32 Modify the currently disabled runtime-class.lisp code to not require ASM somebody enhancement major 1.2.0 other
#34 adjust generated '*.cls' filenames somebody enhancement major too-vague other
#36 Adding missing overrides - Everywhere missing somebody defect major 0.13 other
#37 The Lisp based build system should be aligned with build.xml Mark Evenson defect major 0.14 other
#38 CLOS :metaclass support ehuelsmann defect major 0.20 other
#39 subcomponent match for DIRECTORY vvoutilainen defect major 0.13 other
#40 Non-constant function-argument initforms ehuelsmann defect major compiler
#41 Compilation of single-/double-float arithmetic to immediate byte code ehuelsmann enhancement major compiler
#42 TRACE of FORMAT blows up the stack somebody defect major 0.13 other
#46 Compilation failure from several numeric arguments to MIN ehuselmann defect major 0.22 compiler
#47 toplevel TRACE form cannot be compiled Mark Evenson defect major 0.13 compiler
#48 SLIME CVS HEAD as of 2008-12-30 broken Mark Evenson defect major 0.13 other
#49 Support loading of compiled functions off byte arrays somebody enhancement major other
#53 CATCH.6 ANSI test failure ehuelsmann defect major compiler
#54 pprint.lisp incompatible with gray-streams.lisp somebody defect major other
#61 Compilation of THE with DEFTYPE ehuelsmann defect major 0.22 compiler
#62 CLOS checking of MAKE-INSTANCE argument checking fails somebody defect major 0.22 CLOS
#63 Attempt to GO to tag whose dynamic extent has ended exits ABCL Mark Evenson defect major 0.22 other
#64 Caught (general) exceptions not rethrown everywhere somebody defect major 0.18 other
#69 Gray stream compatibility somebody defect major 0.26 other
#71 Stream line counter broken nobody defect major 0.18 libraries
#72 Faster startup times somebody enhancement major other
#75 Character \U0080 causes infinite loop nobody defect major libraries
#79 Identically named gensymed coalesced into same object in fasl file ehuelsmann defect major compiler
#80 REQUIRE should work with ASDF Mark Evenson enhancement major 0.22 libraries
#81 Inlining functions with &optional and other "complex" arguments ehuelsmann enhancement major 0.19 compiler
#83 problem with error reporting on undefined class during make instance Mahmud Mohamed enhancement major 0.24 CLOS
#85 CL-JSON throws an error under ABCL where SBCL doesn't. Mark Evenson defect major 0.19 compiler
#86 No restarts available on error in thread nobody defect major 0.20 libraries
#92 Characters created with invalid code points nobody defect major 0.20 libraries
#93 reader does not respect (values) from reader macros somebody defect major other
#94 Incorporate ASDF2 Mark Evenson enhancement major 0.20 libraries
#95 URL Pathnames Mark Evenson enhancement major 0.20 other
#97 (apropos "MAKE-THREAD") prints MAKE-THREAD twice nobody defect major libraries
#98 the THREAD type isn't exported from the THREADS package nobody defect major 0.23 libraries
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