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#110 #\+ in JAR pathnames does not work Mark Evenson defect minor other
#399 #\No-break_space has non-ANSI interaction with CL:FORMAT ~C directive defect major 1.3.3 interpreter
#201 &WHOLE broken in DEFINE-METHOD-COMBINATION somebody defect minor 1.1.0 CLOS
#241 &rest and &aux can't coexist anymore in lambda lists ehuelsmann defect major 1.1.0 compiler
#97 (apropos "MAKE-THREAD") prints MAKE-THREAD twice nobody defect major libraries
#274 (ql:quickload "com.informatimago.common-lisp.cesarum") hangs [> 10 minutes] ehuelsmann defect critical 1.2.0 compiler
#107 (setf (values (struct-slot struct)) (values 42)) fails somebody defect major compiler
#462 (subseq "" 1) throws a java exception defect major 1.6.1 interpreter
#147 *PRINT-CASE* setting affects compiler ehuelsmann defect critical 0.26 compiler
#157 0.26 ansi-test regressions nobody defect minor 0.27 libraries
#177 ABCL 1.0.0 does not always find contrib Mark Evenson defect major 1.0.1 libraries
#128 ABCL command line processing should terminate with '--' Mark Evenson defect minor 0.25 java
#200 ABCL compiler fails to produce loadable fasl for XPATH ehuelsmann defect blocker 1.2.0 compiler
#111 ABCL fails to run on JRockit somebody defect major CLOS
#212 ABCL problems with cl-test-grid Mark Evenson defect major 1.1.1 other
#136 ABCL should allow DIRECTORY listings that don't follow symlinks, and/or provide a function for deleting a directory tree nobody enhancement critical 0.25 libraries
#213 ABCL-ASDF breakage on trunk Mark Evenson defect critical 1.1.0 interpreter
#424 ABCL-ASDF doesn't set Maven path correctly on Fedora defect major 1.5.0 libraries
#234 ABCL-ASDF mvn errors with VERSION slot unbound Mark Evenson defect blocker 1.1.0 ASDF
#328 ABCL-ASDF not working with maven-3.1.0 Mark Evenson defect major 1.3.0 abcl-contrib
#268 ABCL-ASDF working with maven-3.0.3 Mark Evenson defect blocker 1.1.0 libraries
#299 ABCL-ASDF:MVN components not loading Mark Evenson defect major 1.1.1 abcl-contrib
#390 ABCL-ASDF:RESOLVE not working defect critical 1.4.0 abcl-contrib
#372 ABCL-ASDF:RESOLVE not working correcting defect major 1.3.2 abcl-contrib
#215 ABCL-ASDF:RESOLVE should work in more (some?) cases Mark Evenson defect critical 1.1.0 other
#275 ABCL-CONTRIB still provided if abcl-contrib.jar cannot be located Mark Evenson defect blocker 1.1.0 abcl-contrib
#437 ABCL-INTROSPECT fails to load aruttenberg defect major 1.4.1 abcl-contrib
#365 ABCL-Jar not working on Mac OS X Mark Evenson defect major 1.3.2 abcl-contrib
#182 ADJUST-ARRAY failure somebody defect major unscheduled other
#217 ANSI tests wont run on Revision 14011: /trunk/abcl rschlatte defect major 1.1.0 build
#321 ASDF 3.01 Mark Evenson defect blocker 1.2.0 libraries
#255 ASDF file encoding specification doesn't work Mark Evenson defect major 1.1.0 ASDF
#271 ASDF-2.26 changes synced upstream Mark Evenson defect blocker 1.1.0 other
#108 ASDF-INSTALL fails to download Mark Evenson defect major unscheduled libraries
#364 ASDF-JAR:PACKAGE breaks with simple usage. defect major 1.3.2 abcl-contrib
#376 ASDF-JAR:PACKAGE not working evenson defect major 1.3.2 abcl-contrib
#192 ASDF::IMPLEMENTATION-IDENTIFIER contains ABCL build environment identifier Mark Evenson defect trivial 1.1.0 ASDF
#257 ASDF:MVN components always retrieves LATEST artifacts Mark Evenson defect critical 1.3.0 abcl-contrib
#24 Ability to load ASDF systems off JAR files in the classpath Mark Evenson enhancement major unscheduled libraries
#210 Add JFLI to contrib Mark Evenson enhancement major 1.1.0 libraries
#420 Add ability to optimize function calls with lambda in function position. Use it to optimize jss enhancement major 1.5.0 compiler
#59 Add extensible sequences to ABCL astalla enhancement minor 0.19 other
#36 Adding missing overrides - Everywhere missing somebody defect major 0.13 other
#280 Additional slots in function classes screw up std-compute-discriminating-function rschlatte defect major (A)MOP
#28 Adjustable array not adjustable somebody defect major other
#232 Allow wrapper script to reference install directory instead of build directory Mark Evenson enhancement minor 1.1.0 build
#63 Attempt to GO to tag whose dynamic extent has ended exits ABCL Mark Evenson defect major 0.22 other
#444 Attempt to throw to the nonexistent tag DUPLICATABLE-CODE-P ??? defect major 1.5.0 interpreter
#224 Autoloader fails when *read-XXXX* variables bound to non-standard values nobody defect major 1.1.0 java
#312 BORDEAUX-THREADS-TEST::CONDITION-VARIABLE hangs ehuelsmann defect major 1.2.0 (A)MOP
#236 Bad error message for malformed forms ehuelsmann defect minor compiler
#134 Better support for packaging systems in jar files Mark Evenson enhancement major 0.26 java
#417 Bug in CL:DESTRUCTURING-BIND defect major 1.5.0 interpreter
#400 Build-time compiler fails on long form of DEFSETF Mark Evenson defect major 1.3.3 compiler
#53 CATCH.6 ANSI test failure ehuelsmann defect major compiler
#251 CFFI callbacks don't unbox integer values Mark Evenson defect blocker 1.4.0 libraries
#413 CFFI foreign-alloc breaks abcl defect blocker 1.5.0 other
#247 CFFI: $Proxy3 is not assignable to com.sun.jna.Pointer Mark Evenson defect major 1.1.0 libraries
#246 CFFI: dynamically generated classes referred from .fasl can not be found after ABCL restart Mark Evenson defect critical 1.1.0 libraries
#85 CL-JSON throws an error under ABCL where SBCL doesn't. Mark Evenson defect major 0.19 compiler
#199 CL:DEFMETHOD fails for &AUX arguments that reference other arguments Mark Evenson defect critical 1.1.0 CLOS
#472 CL:DIRECTORY with wildcard in name defect major 1.8.0 other
#409 CL:FORMAT ~$ buglet defect minor 1.8.0 (A)MOP
#303 CL:LOAD ignores :EXTERNAL-FORMAT argument ehuelsmann defect major 1.2.0 interpreter
#375 CL:OPEN failure defect major 1.3.2 java
#38 CLOS :metaclass support ehuelsmann defect major 0.20 other
#62 CLOS checking of MAKE-INSTANCE argument checking fails somebody defect major 0.22 CLOS
#5 CLOS reimplementation to support a MOP (preferably AMOP) rschlatte enhancement major 1.2.0 CLOS
#143 CLOSURE-HTML 20101006-git fails to compile Mark Evenson defect major 1.0.1 compiler
#154 COMPILE-FILE-2 ansi compiled fails ehuelsmann defect blocker 0.26 compiler
#265 COMPILE-FILE.2 COMPILE-FILE.2A ANSI regression ehuelsmann defect blocker 1.1.0 compiler
#206 COMPILER-UNSUPPORTED-FEATURE-ERROR is derived from CONDITION, rather than from ERROR ehuelsmann defect minor 1.1.0 compiler
#339 Calls to Java should promote Lisp T to java "true" defect major 1.3.1 interpreter
#173 Cannot initialize ABCL within .ear Mark Evenson defect blocker 1.1.0 interpreter
#254 Cannot load ASDF systems in jar archives with ASDF-BINARY-LOCATIONS-COMPATIBILTY enabled Mark Evenson defect major 1.1.0 ASDF
#164 Cannot quit SLIME REPL somebody defect minor unscheduled other
#64 Caught (general) exceptions not rethrown everywhere somebody defect major 0.18 other
#75 Character \U0080 causes infinite loop nobody defect major libraries
#92 Characters created with invalid code points nobody defect major 0.20 libraries
#243 ClassCastException in MAKE-PATHNAME Mark Evenson defect major 1.1.0 java
#168 Compilation fails for quicklisp let-plus ehuelsmann defect major 1.1.0 compiler
#46 Compilation failure from several numeric arguments to MIN ehuselmann defect major 0.22 compiler
#21 Compilation failure from stack inconsistency ehuelsmann defect major 0.22 compiler
#256 Compilation failure in com.informatimago ehuelsmann defect critical 1.2.0 compiler
#61 Compilation of THE with DEFTYPE ehuelsmann defect major 0.22 compiler
#162 Compilation of incorrect SETQ form leads to broken class file ehuelsmann defect major 0.27 compiler
#41 Compilation of single-/double-float arithmetic to immediate byte code ehuelsmann enhancement major compiler
#308 Compiled FLET exhausts the stack ehuelsmann defect major 1.2.0 compiler
#235 Compiled cl+ssl sources not reloadable Mark Evenson defect major 1.1.0 compiler
#258 Compiler bug in call to MAX ehuelsmann defect critical 1.5.0 compiler
#189 Compiler fails for 'unsigned-byte type declaration ehuelsmann defect minor 1.1.0 compiler
#453 Compiler failure with stack inconsistency defect major 1.8.0 compiler
#144 Compiler generates incorrect bytecode ehuelsmann defect major 0.26 compiler
#117 Compiler stack inconsistency ehuelsmann defect major unscheduled compiler
#290 Compiling (defvar *foo* '(quote . x)) throws an error vvoutilainen defect major 1.1.1 compiler
#191 Compiling SHARPSIGN SHARPSIGN form causes stack overflow ehuelsmann defect blocker 1.1.0 compiler
#288 Control character names vvoutilainen enhancement major 1.1.1 other
#31 Create example code for various use cases of ABCL vvoutilainen task major 0.12 other
#431 Cryptic error while compiling Mark Evenson defect major 1.4.1 compiler
#4 Current CLOS implementation speed improvements somebody defect major other
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