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10/30/12 17:11:58 (9 years ago)
Mark Evenson

Things seem rather complicated with Java the language generics.

A method that takes an Object[] as an argument

   public static void objectArgs(Object[] args)

cannot be invoked on an array of primitive types

   int i[] = {42};
   objectArgs(i); // Doesn't compile

But the signature of the method originally in question declares the type of array to extend java.lang.Object:

   public static <T extends Object> List<T> asList(T[] ts) 

and *can* be invoked on an array of primitive types

   int i[] = {42};

Need to check exactly what kind of code is generated by javac here, but presumably the compiler somehow transforms the primitive array to wrapped type here?

So, JAVA:JSTATIC cannot make currently make a call that can be made in Java the language. Presumably JAVA:JCALL has the same sort of problem

From experimenting a bit, it would not be enough to fix Java.isApplicableMethod(). We would also at least have to extend Java.javaInstance(Class<?>) to return arrays of primitive types.


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