21:16 Changeset [11368] by astalla
New jimplement-interface functionality allowing some sort of limited …
07:35 Ticket #16 (Re-evaluation of DEFPACKAGE form is ignored) created by Mark Evenson
Evaluation of DEFPACKAGE forms for existing packages are ignored. …


16:39 Ticket #15 (compilation of forms with keywords having the same name as special ...) created by Mark Evenson
[From news.gmane.org gmane.editors.j.devel:1883] Don Cohen reported …


22:38 Changeset [11367] by ehuelsmann
Remove useless level of indirection.
21:06 Changeset [11366] by ehuelsmann
Instead of new <Java type>(...), use <Java type>.valueOf(...), …
19:50 Changeset [11365] by ehuelsmann
Patch by Mark Evenson to provide the (optional) RUN-SHELL-COMMAND function.
19:40 BuiltInConditions created by ehuelsmann
Initial mind dump
19:20 DesignOverviewIndex created by ehuelsmann
Initial page revision: start dumping mind-state
19:14 WikiStart edited by ehuelsmann
19:12 WikiStart edited by ehuelsmann
Initial setup for the ABCL project (diff)
13:21 Changeset [11364] by vvoutilainen
Fix behaviour with symbolic links.


21:44 Changeset [11363] by ehuelsmann
Make sure WrongNumberOfArgumentsException? errors get reported with a …
11:58 Ticket #14 (Support for a C-calling FFI for CFFI to build upon) created by ehuelsmann
Mark Evenson suggests the use of JNA. I believe this project needs to …
10:41 Ticket #13 (Support for (FLEXI-STREAMS-like) :external-format) created by ehuelsmann
Currently the code in open.lisp ignores the external format specifier. …


21:16 Ticket #12 (Better support for java interaction (current java: package)) created by ehuelsmann
There are 2 initiatives, one described in ticket #11 which is about …
21:14 Ticket #11 (Integration of invoke.lisp, dynamic dispatch of java methods) created by ehuelsmann
Just as the topic says, there's (rudimentary) support of dynamic …
18:49 Ticket #10 (Implementation of CDR5 (sub-interval numerical types)) created by ehuelsmann
Implementation of CDR5 http://cdr.eurolisp.org/document/5/
18:46 Ticket #9 (Implementation of CDR6 (Inspector-hook)) created by ehuelsmann
Implementation of CDR6 as specified in the CDR document repository: …


20:31 Ticket #8 (Support for easier (web) deployment) created by ehuelsmann
There are a number of issues here, which each should have their …
20:13 Ticket #7 (SLIME support (delivered with ABCL) needs updating) created by ehuelsmann
The default implementation is WAY outdated. This issue can be closed …
20:11 Ticket #6 (Wildcards for (directory) don't work with symbolic links) created by vvoutilainen
Wildcard directory listing doesn't work if the wildcards match …
20:10 Ticket #5 (CLOS reimplementation to support a MOP (preferably AMOP)) created by ehuelsmann
Well, the subject says it all: the CLOS implementation doesn't support …
20:08 Ticket #4 (Current CLOS implementation speed improvements) created by ehuelsmann
By comments from Peter Graves, the current implementation is consing …
19:33 Ticket #3 (Handling of special variables) created by ehuelsmann
ABCL is lacking correctness in many areas on this point. (Note …
19:24 Ticket #2 (Human readable printing of errors and conditions) created by ehuelsmann
Not all conditions and errors print 'human readable'. An example is …
19:19 Ticket #1 (Website improvements for 0.13) created by ehuelsmann
When we release 0.12, it's time to do a make-over on the website. …


23:42 SandBox created by trac
23:42 WikiRestructuredText created by trac
23:42 WikiHtml created by trac
23:42 WikiStart created by trac
23:42 WikiPageNames created by trac
23:42 WikiProcessors created by trac
23:42 WikiMacros created by trac
23:42 WikiFormatting created by trac
23:42 WikiRestructuredTextLinks created by trac
23:42 WikiDeletePage created by trac
23:42 TitleIndex created by trac
23:42 WikiNewPage created by trac
23:42 RecentChanges created by trac


18:37 Changeset [11362] by astalla
Modified build.xml to integrate Java Scripting API support for ABCL.


21:13 Changeset [11361] by vvoutilainen
iRemove old cruft that escaped previous cleanup rounds. The …


06:07 Changeset [11360] by ehuelsmann
Initial import of ABCL scripting engine implementation. Patch by: …


22:24 Changeset [11359] by ehuelsmann
Create scripting branch for implementation of scripting JSR.
22:10 Changeset [11358] by ehuelsmann
Fix naming of download files (links were already right).
22:07 Changeset [11357] by ehuelsmann
Update website to point to 0.0.11 release.
21:50 Changeset [11356] by ehuelsmann
Update the version, preparation of the release 0.0.11.
21:43 Changeset [11355] by ehuelsmann
Make the website and the README contain the same numbers.
21:16 Changeset [11354] by ehuelsmann
More steps toward a release: - Mark some files with native line …


10:22 Changeset [11353] by ehuelsmann
Short route to creating a release: add sources which build-abcl.lisp …


11:57 Changeset [11352] by ehuelsmann
README updates in preparation of a release. Patch by: Mark Evenson.
10:42 Changeset [11351] by ehuelsmann
Additional changes in preparation of a release: work on buildability …
09:45 Changeset [11350] by ehuelsmann
Set svn:eol-style.
09:44 Changeset [11349] by ehuelsmann
Add 2 more files to the root level include pattern.


07:40 Changeset [11348] by ehuelsmann
Add build/ and dist/ directories to svn:ignore.
06:35 Changeset [11347] by ehuelsmann
Fix Windows wrapper creation.


22:01 Changeset [11346] by ehuelsmann
The recent PUSH/PUSHNEW/POP and PSETF/PSETQ fixes warrent a new …
22:01 Changeset [11345] by ehuelsmann
Updates to build.xml (mostly assorted Windows fixes). Patch by: Mark …
21:40 Changeset [11344] by ehuelsmann
Fix PSETQ.7: PSETQ on a symbol-macrolet bound symbol should behave …
18:17 Changeset [11343] by ehuelsmann
PSETF should macroexpand-1 any macros which it receives as its arguments.
17:06 Changeset [11342] by ehuelsmann
Closure.java cleanup round 10. Patch by: Ville Voutilainen
16:19 Changeset [11341] by ehuelsmann
Prevent circular reference: Symbol.ERROR.execute executes the symbol …
16:15 Changeset [11340] by ehuelsmann
Use environment for macroexpansion and get-setf-expander instead of …
16:13 Changeset [11339] by ehuelsmann
Bind environment variable in all invocations.


19:57 Changeset [11338] by ehuelsmann
Ant build script update. Patch by: Mark Evenson <evenson at panix dot com>


18:54 Changeset [11337] by ehuelsmann
Cleanup: merge bindKeywordParameterDefaults and …


20:53 Changeset [11336] by ehuelsmann
Cleanup. Patch by: Ville Voutilainen <ville.voutilainen at gmail dot com>
12:58 Changeset [11335] by ehuelsmann
Cleanup. Patch by: Phil Hudson <phil dot hudson at iname dot com>


21:26 Changeset [11334] by ehuelsmann
Cleanup patch. Patch by: Ville Voutilainen.


20:39 Changeset [11333] by ehuelsmann
Code simplification. Patch by: Philip Hudson <phil dot hudson at …
20:36 Changeset [11332] by ehuelsmann
Mention our testing environments on the website.
20:18 Changeset [11331] by ehuelsmann
Java 1.5+ for each looping construct. Patch by: Ville Voutilainen
19:58 Changeset [11330] by ehuelsmann
Main project page XHTML conformance. Patch by: Alessio Stalla …


20:57 Changeset [11329] by ehuelsmann
Cleanup by Ville Voutilainen.


19:34 Changeset [11328] by ehuelsmann
Closure.java cleanup by Ville Voutilainen.
19:30 Changeset [11327] by ehuelsmann
Update website with testing results from Mark Evenson.
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