21:13 Changeset [11430] by ehuelsmann
Resolve 2 FIXMEs. * Stream.java:Stream::_writeChars(): Don't try to …
19:44 Changeset [11429] by ehuelsmann
19:33 Changeset [11428] by ehuelsmann
Fix LISTEN.1 and LISTEN.3 by checking if a character can actually be …
18:45 Changeset [11427] by ehuelsmann
Fix STRING-INPUT-STREAM GET-OFFSET with non-zero :start offset.
14:18 Changeset [11426] by ehuelsmann
Make sure we don't write more characters to the string than requested: …
14:00 Changeset [11425] by ehuelsmann
Fix most reader test failures: don't increment the current position if …
13:18 Changeset [11424] by ehuelsmann
Remove redundant variables. Found by: Douglas Miles
13:12 Changeset [11423] by ehuelsmann
More code re-use.
12:16 Changeset [11422] by ehuelsmann
Fix CLEAR-INPUT tests. * Stream.java:Stream::_clearInput(): Check for …


23:31 Changeset [11421] by ehuelsmann
Remove unused import.
23:28 Changeset [11420] by ehuelsmann
Cleanup: with the right initialization, we can reuse most of the code …
22:58 Changeset [11419] by ehuelsmann
Make one variable out of reader and pushbackReader: they need to point …
21:19 Changeset [11418] by ehuelsmann
Add @Override modifiers before (possibly) editing these files.


23:17 Changeset [11417] by ehuelsmann
Rename variables shadowing fields.
23:08 Changeset [11416] by ehuelsmann
Fix partially-reverted change: remove eolseq.
23:02 Changeset [11415] by ehuelsmann
Support EXTERNAL-FORMAT for socket streams. Found by: Hideo at Yokohama
19:19 Changeset [11414] by ehuelsmann
Un-duplicate Stream and FileStream? implementations. Patch by: Hideo …


22:52 Changeset [11413] by vvoutilainen
Add override annotation for fillInStackTrace.
22:44 Ticket #33 (Measure the impact of filling stack trace information when performing ...) closed by vvoutilainen
fixed: Douglas R. Miles kindly did the measurement by using cl-bench, …
22:44 Changeset [11412] by vvoutilainen
Don't generate stack trace information when constructing a …
21:35 Changeset [11411] by ehuelsmann
Fix eol-style initialization and double-output.
20:38 Changeset [11410] by ehuelsmann
Fix string out-of-bounds error.


22:48 Ticket #33 (Measure the impact of filling stack trace information when performing ...) created by vvoutilainen
Douglas R. Miles reported recently that …


18:41 WikiStart edited by hgoodman
minor edit for test (diff)


23:05 Changeset [11409] by ehuelsmann
End-of-line translation for generic streams.
22:03 Changeset [11408] by ehuelsmann
Revert unintended part from r11407.
21:54 Changeset [11407] by ehuelsmann
Allow for null ENCODING values: they mean "default".
20:46 Changeset [11406] by ehuelsmann
Handle external format in Stream.java, in preparation of it being …
20:02 Changeset [11405] by ehuelsmann
Cleanup: Add some @Override modifiers and remove unused imports.
13:32 Changeset [11404] by ehuelsmann
Default to the system encoding for input/output streams when no …


21:40 Changeset [11403] by ehuelsmann
Adjust integration between RandomAccessCharacterFile? and FileStream?. …
20:43 Changeset [11402] by ehuelsmann
Undo part of r11401.
18:42 Changeset [11401] by ehuelsmann
Fix character doubling issue and the end-of-line style being written.
16:42 Changeset [11400] by ehuelsmann
Set fixed line ending style. Found by: Hideo


06:46 Changeset [11399] by Mark Evenson
Tagged r113960 as ABCL-0.0.11.


18:16 Changeset [11398] by Mark Evenson
Move to more natural place "above" Ville's examples.
18:14 Changeset [11397] by Mark Evenson
Start of instructions on using the examples. Gratiously contributed …


19:05 Ticket #23 (RETURN handled differently in interpreted and compiled code) closed by vvoutilainen
fixed: Fixed by commit r11396. Thanks to Erik for finding the problematic …
19:01 Changeset [11396] by vvoutilainen
Fix return in an anonymous lambda. An anynonymous lambda should not …


11:29 Changeset [11395] by ehuelsmann
Commit in-progress implementation. Note: This commit still fails ansi …
11:27 Changeset [11394] by ehuelsmann
Create branch to commit support :EXTERNAL-FORMAT progress for OPEN.


20:57 Changeset [11393] by astalla
Implemented the Compilable interface and refactored the script …


21:41 Changeset [11392] by ehuelsmann
Add @Override markers as I'm working on the file.


22:38 Changeset [11391] by vvoutilainen
ABCL license is GPL + Classpath exception. This was intended by Peter …
22:12 Changeset [11390] by ehuelsmann
Make JAVA-EXCEPTION objects print more human readable. Inspired by: …


22:34 Changeset [11389] by astalla
- Added support for lisp-this for interface implementations - …
22:30 Changeset [11388] by ehuelsmann
Add @Override markers.


11:29 Changeset [11387] by ehuelsmann
Document API that Java-side Lisp streams need to implement. Add some …
11:05 Changeset [11386] by ehuelsmann
Don't warn about Java 1.6.0_10, as it seems to resolve our 1.6 …


23:33 Ticket #32 (Modify the currently disabled runtime-class.lisp code to not require ASM) created by vvoutilainen
It's possible to define classes at runtime, by generating bytecode and …
19:10 Ticket #31 (Create example code for various use cases of ABCL) closed by vvoutilainen
fixed: The commit r11385 adds a simple handling of a java exception. Lisp …
19:06 Changeset [11385] by vvoutilainen
Add a simple example of catching a java exception in lisp code.
09:27 Changeset [11384] by vvoutilainen
Add Id tags and thus keyword properties.
01:18 Changeset [11383] by vvoutilainen
Add copyright/license headers.


22:55 Changeset [11382] by vvoutilainen
Examples for using abcl, initial commit.
21:14 Ticket #31 (Create example code for various use cases of ABCL) created by vvoutilainen
It would be useful to have example code so that we can point new …
21:11 Ticket #30 (Lisp debugger, for both compiled and interpreted code) created by vvoutilainen
ABCL code can be debugged with normal java debuggers, but it is …


19:27 Changeset [11381] by astalla
Added missing JavaClass?.java
06:43 Ticket #22 (keyword parameters by same name as global variable) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: Duplicate of ticket:15
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