20:02 Changeset [11702] by astalla
Added BRANCH-README, deleted dist directory that was incorrectly added


19:53 Changeset [11701] by ehuelsmann
Remove j.lisp and emacs.lisp; Kevin Krouse indicates J doesn't use …


20:21 Changeset [11700] by ehuelsmann
Add OpenBSD and NetBSD platform detection support. Patch by: Julian …
00:01 Changeset [11699] by astalla
Copied files from trunk + modifications for Serialization.


23:20 Changeset [11698] by astalla
reverted wrong commit.
23:12 Changeset [11697] by astalla
Serialization support for some lisp objects.
23:04 Changeset [11696] by astalla
Created save-image branch for experiments in providing save-image …


22:10 Changeset [11695] by ehuelsmann
Fix DESCRIBE output by registering documentation on functions. Patch …


21:58 Changeset [11694] by ehuelsmann
Update website to show our new release.
20:47 Changeset [11693] by ehuelsmann
Make boxing/unboxing more efficient: Instead of "calling the boxing …
20:14 Changeset [11692] by ehuelsmann
Add 2 missing @Override annotations.
20:11 Changeset [11691] by ehuelsmann
Don't box values which have well-defined meanings within the Lisp …


13:40 Changeset [11690] by ehuelsmann
Increase version number, after tagging 0.13.0.
13:39 Changeset [11689] by ehuelsmann
Tag 0.13.0.
12:09 Ticket #51 (Implement debugger option to retry/return from stack frame) created by ehuelsmann
It would be very valuable to be able to retry a stack frame after …
12:06 Ticket #50 (Implement STEP) created by ehuelsmann
STEP is currently implemented conformant, but trivially to evaluate …
11:05 Changeset [11688] by ehuelsmann
Add list() with variadic arguments.


21:26 Changeset [11687] by ehuelsmann
Remove libabcl.so, which is about setting a SIGINT signal handler. …
21:12 Changeset [11686] by ehuelsmann
Fix 'newer' check: check the build-artifacts in the build root …
20:22 Changeset [11685] by astalla
Fixed interpreter creation.


23:17 Changeset [11684] by ehuelsmann
Since 0.13 was branched, trunk/ now is 0.14…
22:38 Changeset [11683] by ehuelsmann
Some small tweaks and a fixme note.
22:05 Changeset [11682] by ehuelsmann
Fix ':BATCH NIL' build. Found by: Ville
19:42 Changeset [11681] by ehuelsmann
*nix compilation fixes for Lisp based build.
15:49 Changeset [11680] by ehuelsmann
Rename/ introduce variables for clarity.
15:35 Changeset [11679] by ehuelsmann
Add some comments.
15:13 Changeset [11678] by ehuelsmann
Lisp builds store build-artifacts outside of the source tree …


21:53 Changeset [11677] by ehuelsmann
Remove accidentally committed debug PRINT forms.
19:14 Changeset [11676] by ehuelsmann
If we can't locate the lisp home location, fall back on a system …
09:33 Changeset [11675] by ehuelsmann
Support compiling the system to a different output path. …


20:17 Changeset [11674] by ehuelsmann
More lispy MAKE-CLASSES.
19:56 Changeset [11673] by ehuelsmann
Trade with-current-directory macro for more lispy syntax.


22:13 Changeset [11672] by ehuelsmann
Remove code duplication: use loadCompiledFunction(InputStream?, int) …
21:12 Ticket #49 (Support loading of compiled functions off byte arrays) created by ehuelsmann
loadCompiledFunction() in Lisp.java loads bytes out of a file, then …
19:49 Ticket #47 (toplevel TRACE form cannot be compiled) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: Fixed again (differently) in r11668.
08:54 Changeset [11671] by Mark Evenson
Merge removal of CLOS from TRACE from trunk by Erik in r11668. Update …
07:55 Changeset [11670] by Mark Evenson
Continued iteration of documentation for release.
07:30 Changeset [11669] by Mark Evenson
Merged fix from r11667 for toplevel REPL bad interaction with *PRINT-LEVEL.
07:29 Changeset [11668] by ehuelsmann
Prevent CLOS from kicking in on TRACE; makes sure the compiler doesn't …


21:41 Changeset [11667] by ehuelsmann
Move the binding of *PRINT-LENGTH* outside of the inner REPL-loop; …
19:38 Changeset [11666] by vvoutilainen
Merge latest trunk modification.
19:38 Changeset [11665] by vvoutilainen
Add a mention about classpath exception in the beginning of the file.
19:24 Changeset [11664] by vvoutilainen
Make the same license text 'refactorings' as were made in trunk. This …
12:12 Changeset [11663] by Mark Evenson
Patch CLISP build as per …
12:10 Changeset [11662] by Mark Evenson
Mark version as abcl-0.12.42. Update SLIME documentation.
12:09 Changeset [11661] by Mark Evenson
Restablish TRACE facility as per svn r11659. Start documentation for …


21:25 Changeset [11660] by ehuelsmann
Fix our lisp based build for CLISP 2.47 (and hopefully from there onwards).


16:00 Changeset [11659] by Mark Evenson
Re-enable compilation of TRACE forms. Introduces a bug by including …
15:53 Ticket #48 (SLIME CVS HEAD as of 2008-12-30 broken) created by Mark Evenson
Symptom is the failed listening to SlimeInputStream? that doesn't …
12:52 Changeset [11658] by vvoutilainen
Move GPLv2 text to COPYING, append Classpath exception to COPYING, …


19:52 Changeset [11657] by ehuelsmann
Delete branch which has been long merged to trunk.
19:48 Changeset [11656] by ehuelsmann
Branch for preparation of the 0.13 release series.


15:48 Changeset [11655] by Mark Evenson
Change reference from COPYING to LICENSE.
15:47 Changeset [11654] by Mark Evenson
Add a stock copy of the GPLv2 that ABCL licensing is based.
14:44 Changeset [11653] by Mark Evenson
If the either the Lisp or Java compilation fails, halt the Ant based …
12:19 Ticket #47 (toplevel TRACE form cannot be compiled) created by Mark Evenson
As of r11561 toplevel TRACE forms cannot be compiled, giving the …
07:10 Changeset [11652] by ehuelsmann
Check cast takes a class name as its argument, not a class reference. …
06:43 Ticket #46 (Compilation failure from several numeric arguments to MIN) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: Fixed in {r11650, r11651}.


21:56 Changeset [11651] by ehuelsmann
Followup from last commit: add the Symbol type to …
21:53 Changeset [11650] by ehuelsmann
Generate Symbol-typed fields if we expect to be loading off one. Also: …
17:52 Ticket #39 (subcomponent match for DIRECTORY) closed by vvoutilainen
07:29 Ticket #46 (Compilation failure from several numeric arguments to MIN) created by Mark Evenson
After the recent (JAN/FEB) changes to the compiler to support numeric …


22:48 Changeset [11649] by ehuelsmann
Indentation: make opcode-enumerations look like elsewhere.
22:45 Changeset [11648] by ehuelsmann
Strict checking of representations delivered vs requested - inspired …
21:42 Ticket #45 (Support for passing unboxed arguments to local functions) created by ehuelsmann
It would save a great deal of boxing/unboxing, if local functions and …
21:35 Ticket #44 (Unboxing of local variables with :float and :double representations) created by ehuelsmann
Currently, variables with :float or :double representations don't get …
21:33 Ticket #41 (Compilation of single-/double-float arithmetic to immediate byte code) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: The example above has been realised, hence, closing this issue - …
21:23 Changeset [11647] by ehuelsmann
Add support for java.lang.Long arguments based on Bignums. Found by: …
21:00 Changeset [11646] by ehuelsmann
Fix compilation of Maxima: the wrong representation was returned. …
14:34 Changeset [11645] by vvoutilainen
Combine p2-let/let*-vars.
14:00 Changeset [11644] by vvoutilainen
Further cleanup for p1-flet/labels.
13:14 Changeset [11643] by vvoutilainen
Remove duplication from p1-flet and p1-labels.
11:06 Changeset [11642] by ehuelsmann
Remove commented-out code ("emit-unbox-*") which is superseeded by …
10:06 Changeset [11641] by ehuelsmann
Integer bounds derivation for MIN and MAX. Compilation of (*) -> 1 …
08:48 Changeset [11640] by ehuelsmann
Type derivation for multi-argument +/-/*; Fixed type-arguments for …
08:43 Changeset [11639] by ehuelsmann
Add stack effect of used instruction.


21:42 Changeset [11638] by ehuelsmann
Fix P2-MIN/MAX backquoting/unquoting error.
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