22:52 Changeset [12326] by ehuelsmann
Performance improvement for ticket #76: slow swank fuzzy completion. …
22:22 Changeset [12325] by ehuelsmann
Create API for (SETF (STREAM-EXTERNAL-FORMAT ...) ...) from the lisp world.
21:58 Ticket #76 (Slime (swank) fuzzy completion very slow) created by ehuelsmann
In …
19:42 Changeset [12324] by ehuelsmann
In case a redefinition warning shouldn't be issued if the function …
19:41 Changeset [12323] by ehuelsmann
Implement setting of external format on a stream; only supported on …
19:34 Changeset [12322] by ehuelsmann
Follow up to r12321; changes resulting from more testing.
18:26 Ticket #75 (Character \U0080 causes infinite loop) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: Fixed in r12321.
18:26 Changeset [12321] by ehuelsmann
Fix ticket #75: infinite loop while writing unmappable characters to …
18:14 Ticket #68 (Extend Load.java to allow loading FASLs from arbitrary streams) reopened by ehuelsmann
Duh. It's not addressed.
18:12 Ticket #68 (Extend Load.java to allow loading FASLs from arbitrary streams) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: There's more to this than meets the eye: we currently depend on random …
15:38 Changeset [12320] by ehuelsmann
Print StreamErrors? with a readable text, even when created based on …
14:10 Ticket #71 (Stream line counter broken) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: Fixed in r12319.
14:10 Changeset [12319] by ehuelsmann
Fix line numbers from COMPILE-FILE being off. Fixes ticket #71.
10:42 Changeset [12318] by ehuelsmann
Remove trailing spaces/tabs which light my editing buffers red.
10:34 Changeset [12317] by ehuelsmann
Change the properties of RandomAccessCharacterFile? to the standard ones.
10:30 Changeset [12316] by ehuelsmann
Return the actual external format, instead of a default value from …


18:56 Ticket #75 (Character \U0080 causes infinite loop) created by ehuelsmann
The following code causes an infinite loop on systems which do not …


23:35 Ticket #72 (Faster startup times) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: With the introduction of AutoloadedFunctionProxy?, this issue is …
23:33 Ticket #64 (Caught (general) exceptions not rethrown everywhere) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: All occurrances of "catch (Throwable" have been reviewed; most have …
22:46 Changeset [12315] by astalla
Implemented (setf jfield).
22:04 Changeset [12314] by ehuelsmann
Upon OutOfMemoryError? or StackOverflowError?, unwind the stack to the …


22:58 Changeset [12313] by ehuelsmann
Fix LOAD-TIME-VALUE instability introduced by r12306, best seen as …


23:12 Changeset [12312] by ehuelsmann
Add a function interface to test whether the interpreter is already …
23:11 Changeset [12311] by ehuelsmann
Followup to r12306: "unbreak" Slime, at least partially.
13:00 Changeset [12310] by ehuelsmann
Implement note 1 from r12306: function preloading for macros.


22:34 Changeset [12309] by ehuelsmann
Turn an inline named class name into a string constant.
22:09 Changeset [12308] by ehuelsmann
Delete branch: it's merged back to trunk.
21:54 Changeset [12307] by ehuelsmann
Complete "catch (Throwable" review by reviewing ../examples.
21:52 Changeset [12306] by ehuelsmann
Land fast-boot-preloading branch on trunk. Note: things to do include …
14:27 Changeset [12305] by ehuelsmann
Backport r12298: review of "catch (Throwable". Note: Lisp.java redone …


21:04 Changeset [12304] by astalla
Refinement: better error message when an applicable constructor cannot …
20:53 Changeset [12303] by astalla
Extended the new smart behavior of jcall to jnew: (jnew class-name …


18:48 Changeset [12302] by astalla
Applied Yoshinori Tahara's patch that allows jcall to invoke the …
16:07 Changeset [12301] by Mark Evenson
Loading ABCL tests improved; renamed loading jar-file tests. ASDF …
15:06 Changeset [12300] by Mark Evenson
Fix typo in ASDF dependencies for ABCL-TEST-LISP.


22:12 Changeset [12299] by ehuelsmann
Annotate some remaining "catch (Throwable" occurrences. While at it: …
21:50 Changeset [12298] by ehuelsmann
Full source scan of "catch (Throwable"; remove lots of instances, or …


21:46 Changeset [12297] by ehuelsmann
Implement preloader functionality which allows delaying reflection of …
21:29 Changeset [12296] by ehuelsmann
Create a branch to test speeding up the ABCL boot process.
13:16 Ticket #74 (slow compilation test) created by trittweiler
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute) (defclass foo …


11:56 Changeset [12295] by Mark Evenson
Tidy up patch to fix 'abcl.compile.lisp' breakage.
11:56 Changeset [12294] by Mark Evenson
Fix abcl.compile.lisp under Windows.


15:52 Changeset [12293] by vvoutilainen
Fix build breakage on linux, remove daftness from build.xml.
12:19 Changeset [12292] by Mark Evenson
Restored inadvertent typo that hosed incremental builds of the system …
12:07 Changeset [12291] by Mark Evenson
Ant-based build process now records FASL source locations correctly. …
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