22:01 Ticket #93 (reader does not respect (values) from reader macros) created by janderson
the hyperspec includes an example which illustrates the effect of …
21:00 Changeset [12581] by ehuelsmann
Make LispCharacter? constructor private in favor of getInstance(); …
19:57 CharsetSupport edited by ehuelsmann
Refer to tickets (diff)
19:57 Ticket #92 (Characters created with invalid code points) created by ehuelsmann
ABCL will happily create characters in the range #xD800 to #xDFFF and …
19:36 CharsetSupport edited by ehuelsmann
19:01 CharsetSupport edited by ehuelsmann
Elaborate more on the spec bits which touch characters with case (diff)
18:31 CharsetSupport edited by ehuelsmann
Be more explicit about the problems between Unicode and CLHS (diff)
18:05 Ticket #91 (Initial values of special bindings on thread startup) created by ehuelsmann
We don't set any special variables upon thread startup. This may or …
09:15 CharsetSupport edited by ehuelsmann
06:47 CharsetSupport edited by Mark Evenson


21:29 CharsetSupport created by ehuelsmann
Original content
20:40 DesignOverviewIndex edited by ehuelsmann
Reorder a bit and add character set support page (diff)


22:39 Changeset [12580] by ehuelsmann
Remove an exception block which can't be triggered.


15:14 Changeset [12579] by Mark Evenson
Added links to binary downloads; refactored CSS somewhat. Corrected …


21:41 Changeset [12578] by astalla
Selected built-in classes can now be subclassed. Only SEQUENCE is …
20:20 Changeset [12577] by ehuelsmann
Re #38: Delete merged metaclass branch.
20:13 Changeset [12576] by ehuelsmann
Re #38: Merge the METACLASS branch to trunk.
19:22 Changeset [12575] by astalla
Made SEQUENCE be a built-in class again to avoid to cause problems …


20:53 Ticket #90 (resetSpecialBindings efficiency) created by ehuelsmann
The code […] will compile 2 specials-restoring blocks after the …
19:12 Changeset [12574] by ehuelsmann
Publish 0.19 release notes and download links.


08:57 Changeset [12573] by Mark Evenson
plist not alist.
08:56 Changeset [12572] by Mark Evenson
Move document to proper location.
08:19 Changeset [12571] by Mark Evenson
Initial proposal for URLs to be used as Pathnames.


12:59 Changeset [12570] by Mark Evenson
Fix JAVA-OBJECT whose tynot being properly coerced to array of …


14:15 Changeset [12569] by ehuelsmann
Add release 0.19.1 artifacts; release notes and website update …
10:38 Changeset [12568] by ehuelsmann
Remove checkClass() function no longer in use.


19:45 Changeset [12567] by ehuelsmann
Delete tag for version which was never released.
19:43 Changeset [12566] by ehuelsmann
With 0.19.1 tagged, advance the version number in the branch.
19:40 Changeset [12565] by ehuelsmann
Tag 0.19.1 release.
19:40 Milestone 0.19 completed
19:38 Changeset [12564] by ehuelsmann
Backport README changes.
19:34 Changeset [12563] by ehuelsmann
Update README for release 0.19.1.


21:19 Changeset [12562] by astalla
Inlining of lambda calls: handled the case (funcall (lambda (...) ...) ...)


11:59 Changeset [12561] by Mark Evenson
Convert to stack-friendly primitives; add missing grovel tags.
10:15 Changeset [12560] by Mark Evenson
More work on standalone documentation.


19:43 Changeset [12559] by astalla
Changed recently added method names in Stream to avoid conflicts with …
19:14 Changeset [12558] by astalla
Exposed in/out streams and reader/writers of Stream.
16:55 Changeset [12557] by astalla
Added sys::%make-byte-array-input-stream as a "inverse" of …
15:22 Changeset [12556] by Mark Evenson
Test results for 0.19.x branch as of r12555.
13:24 Changeset [12555] by Mark Evenson
Backport r12549: Allow Pathname TYPE to be :UNSPECIFIC.
13:23 Changeset [12554] by Mark Evenson
Backport r12551: MAKE-PATHNAME does not have any merging directories …
13:22 Changeset [12553] by Mark Evenson
Backport r12550: Fix loading of packed FASLs which have been renamed.


21:02 Changeset [12552] by Mark Evenson
Refine TRANSLATE-PATHNAME to match SBCL's behavior on corner case. …
18:06 Changeset [12551] by Mark Evenson
MAKE-PATHNAME does not have any merging directories semantics.
15:20 Changeset [12550] by Mark Evenson
Fix loading of packed FASLs which have been renamed. Bug was present …
10:43 Changeset [12549] by Mark Evenson
Allow TYPE to be :UNSPECIFIC. Fixes bug where the following would …
09:43 Ticket #89 (compiler stack inconsistency) created by Mark Evenson
In checking out the latest ASDF, I was able to factor out the …
08:32 Changeset [12548] by Mark Evenson
Documentation for using SLIME in ABCL.


16:12 Changeset [12547] by Mark Evenson
backport r12456: nreverse() *command-line-arguments-list* to natural order.
16:09 Changeset [12546] by Mark Evenson
nreverse() *command-line-arguments-list* to natural order. Found by …
13:57 Changeset [12545] by Mark Evenson
Backport r12544: Fix win32 bugs with :ABSOLUTE directory entries for …
13:55 Changeset [12544] by Mark Evenson
Fix win32 bugs with :ABSOLUTE directory entries for jar pathnames.
11:04 Changeset [12543] by Mark Evenson
Set SVN properties.
10:59 Changeset [12542] by Mark Evenson
Add incomplete documentation of Java FFI.
10:57 Changeset [12541] by Mark Evenson
Document INSPECT protocol for getParts().


20:27 Changeset [12540] by Mark Evenson
Update ANSI test results for 0.19.0 OSX.
20:06 Changeset [12539] by ehuelsmann
Update version number with 0.19.0 tagged.
20:03 Changeset [12538] by ehuelsmann
Tag 0.19.0.
19:40 Changeset [12537] by ehuelsmann
Backport PROGV fix (r12526) and its CHANGES description.
19:22 Changeset [12536] by ehuelsmann
Add fix to be merged.
19:17 Changeset [12535] by ehuelsmann
Fix returned values from SingleFloat?.getInstance() and …
19:15 Changeset [12534] by ehuelsmann
Make sure non-standard (meta) classes aren't cast to LispClass? as they …
19:09 Changeset [12533] by Mark Evenson
Backport r12531 for :ABSOLUTE directory components for jar pathnames.
15:50 Changeset [12532] by Mark Evenson
Rename 'build.properties' to 'abcl.properties'. Eclipse uses …
13:30 Changeset [12531] by Mark Evenson
Change jar pathname to have :ABSOLUTE directory entries. As pointed …
13:18 Changeset [12530] by ehuelsmann
Re #38: Make method creation and dispatch possible for classes with …


22:51 Changeset [12529] by ehuelsmann
Re #38: CLASSP can't be checked with instanceof alone any longer.
21:47 Changeset [12528] by ehuelsmann
Reference #38: make the following snippet work: (defclass g …
19:31 GoogleSummerOfCode2010 edited by Mark Evenson
19:05 Changeset [12527] by ehuelsmann
Make all class accessor functions generic functions instead of normal …
12:38 GoogleSummerOfCode2010 edited by Mark Evenson
12:37 GoogleSummerOfCode2010 edited by Mark Evenson
12:37 GoogleSummerOfCode2010 created by Mark Evenson


22:41 Ticket #85 (CL-JSON throws an error under ABCL where SBCL doesn't.) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: Fixed in r12526. Setting to 0.19 milestone as I propose backporting.
22:38 Changeset [12526] by ehuelsmann
Fix ticket #85: CL-JSON throws an error where SBCL doesn't.
08:08 Ticket #81 (Inlining functions with &optional and other "complex" arguments) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: Change committed in r12505 (and follow up) by astalla.
06:59 Changeset [12525] by Mark Evenson
Restore trunk to buildable state after OSGi patch.


15:49 Changeset [12524] by Mark Evenson
Enable ABCL to load in an OSGi context. OSGi abstracts the loading of …
08:42 Changeset [12523] by Mark Evenson
Add informal BNF grammar description for JAR PATHNAME syntax.


22:10 Changeset [12522] by ehuelsmann
With 0.19 brached, increase trunk version number.
22:09 Changeset [12521] by ehuelsmann
Correct spelling error in helper function checkSlotDefination() -> …
22:01 Changeset [12520] by ehuelsmann
Branch for 0.19 release cycle.


11:53 Changeset [12519] by Mark Evenson
Finalize CHANGES for 0.19 branch.
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