22:45 Changeset [12993] by astalla
[invokedynamic] Stack map table written to class (sample); errors.


19:08 Changeset [12992] by Mark Evenson
Remove deleted functions in THREADS from autoloads
18:13 Changeset [12991] by vvoutilainen
Mention the CLOS thread-safety fix in changelog.
18:08 Changeset [12990] by vvoutilainen
Mention the current asdf version in changelog.
18:04 Changeset [12989] by vvoutilainen
Add changelog entry for wild-inferiors support for DIRECTORY.
08:50 Changeset [12988] by Mark Evenson
Include example 'abcl.properties.in' in source release
08:48 Changeset [12987] by Mark Evenson
Use a lexical variable rather than SETQ for backtrace This definitely …
08:40 Changeset [12986] by Mark Evenson
Upgrade to ASDF-2.010.1.


17:55 Ticket #105 (DIRECTORY ignores :WILD-INFERIORS) closed by vvoutilainen
fixed: Fixed by r12985.
17:53 Changeset [12985] by vvoutilainen
00:15 Changeset [12984] by astalla
[invokedynamic] Instruction effects are simulated at code resolving …


22:17 Changeset [12983] by astalla
[invokedynamic] * instructions simulate their effect on the stack and …


20:16 Changeset [12982] by ehuelsmann
Commit DEFINE-METHOD-COMBINATION support as integrated by Mark …
08:52 Changeset [12981] by ehuelsmann
Fix SBCL issue found by building SBCL with ABCL as a host. Note: …


18:03 Changeset [12980] by astalla
[invokedynamic branch] Save current state of affairs before …
10:21 Ticket #113 (DEFSTRUCT redefinition can crash ABCL on MAKE-STRUCT) created by mseddon
CL-USER(1): (defstruct foo x y) FOO CL-USER(2): (defstruct foo x y z) …


19:36 Ticket #111 (ABCL fails to run on JRockit) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: Fixed in r12973 and r12974.
19:36 Changeset [12979] by astalla
Do not create class files for local functions that have been inlined
16:45 Ticket #98 (the THREAD type isn't exported from the THREADS package) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: (In [12978]) Fix #98: THREAD type specifier not exported from THREADS …
16:45 Changeset [12978] by ehuelsmann
Fix #98: THREAD type specifier not exported from THREADS package.
15:22 Changeset [12977] by ehuelsmann
Unintern symbols with a deleted package as their home package. This …


21:21 Changeset [12976] by ehuelsmann
Mention the ABCL-DEV blog. Suggested by: David Kirkman
19:03 Changeset [12975] by vvoutilainen
Fix breakage of repl. Commands with parameters work again now. …


05:06 Changeset [12974] by Mark Evenson
Let truename() possibly signal an error on r12793 JRockit fix.


11:47 Changeset [12973] by ehuelsmann
Fix an issue with running ABCL on Oracle JRockit JVM! Patch by: Joel …


12:24 Ticket #78 (Include ASDF-INSTALL in base ABCL) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: Committed as contrib in 0.20. To use the contrib: 1) build the ABCL …


19:12 Ticket #112 (CLHS requires vector and array element specializations to be the same) created by ehuelsmann
On #lisp, there was discussion whether it was allowed to have …
15:52 Changeset [12972] by ehuelsmann
Preallocate package sizes large enough to hold all the symbols …
15:48 Changeset [12971] by ehuelsmann
Small performance improvement for non-EQ hash tables; don't use …
09:15 Changeset [12970] by ehuelsmann
Remove Remove now obsolete hash table specializations; in order to be …


23:28 Changeset [12969] by ehuelsmann
Implement nearly lock-free hash reader functionality, by looking …
22:59 Changeset [12968] by ehuelsmann
Factor out getEntry from get() and put(). Also, declare the 'buckets' …
21:39 Changeset [12967] by ehuelsmann
Convert HashTable? synchronized access to read/write locked access …
20:58 Changeset [12966] by ehuelsmann
Repair HashTable?.java, broken due to faulty conflict resolution.
20:50 Changeset [12965] by ehuelsmann
Reduce our number of hash table implementations to 1 (from 4) by …
20:40 Changeset [12964] by ehuelsmann
Don't inline constructors, from where I stand - and without reference …
19:28 Changeset [12963] by ehuelsmann
Remove unused constructors.
19:28 Changeset [12962] by ehuelsmann
Remove unused constructors.
13:27 Changeset [12961] by ehuelsmann
Remove SymbolHashTable?, which isn't used anymore, now that Package …


22:43 Ticket #111 (ABCL fails to run on JRockit) created by ehuelsmann
Compilation of ABCL works fine, but when evaluating (COMPILE NIL …
22:11 Changeset [12960] by ehuelsmann
Add Ant target which allows JPDA/IDE-based debugging of ABCL's …
22:08 Changeset [12959] by ehuelsmann
Remove as much synchronization as possible from package symbols …
22:05 Changeset [12958] by ehuelsmann
Implement SimpleString?.toString() using String.valueOf().
21:55 Ticket #110 (#\+ in JAR pathnames does not work) created by charmon
The #\+ in cl+ssl's name confuses the compiler when attempting to ASDF …
18:43 Changeset [12957] by ehuelsmann
Use a synchronized hash table with weak keys to allow garbage …
18:03 Changeset [12956] by ehuelsmann
Make FIND-CLASS use a class which supports non-blocking reading from a …
08:33 Ticket #109 (When TPL::REPL is unavailable, the debugger kills the entire application) created by ehuelsmann
Ole Myren Rohne reports: "" I'm playing with AbclScriptEngine? (with …
05:28 Ticket #108 (ASDF-INSTALL fails to download) created by Mark Evenson
ASDF-INSTALL is improperly casting its download streams to something …


22:37 Changeset [12955] by ehuelsmann
In CLOS supporting code (Layout.java), replace a synchronized hash …
22:35 Changeset [12954] by ehuelsmann
Replace unsynchronized data types with concurrency-supporting …


22:03 Changeset [12953] by astalla
invokedynamic: support for the new typechecking verifier (half-way, …


14:31 Changeset [12952] by ehuelsmann
Maxima disables underflow signals itself now. We default back to …
13:11 Changeset [12951] by ehuelsmann
Signal a condition when coercing a Ratio to any float type or when …
13:05 Ticket #57 (Eliminate the use of writeToString for condition creation) closed by ehuelsmann
invalid: Although this is especially an issue when printing Cons objects, not …
12:52 Ticket #24 (Ability to load ASDF systems off JAR files in the classpath) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: Loading ASDF definitions from JAR files has been possible since 0.21. …
12:12 Ticket #100 (Pathname #P reader does not reliably deserialize PATHNAMEs across ...) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: Reported to be fixed by using '/' consistently as a serialized path …
11:02 Ticket #14 (Support for a C-calling FFI for CFFI to build upon) closed by ehuelsmann
wontfix: CFFI has already built on top of JNA to provide C interoperability on …
10:11 Changeset [12950] by ehuelsmann
Add two functions to disable signalling of over- and underflow …
06:59 Changeset [12949] by ehuelsmann
Remove debug print.


21:42 Changeset [12948] by ehuelsmann
Fix test expectations due to us now generating forward slashes in our …
21:39 Changeset [12947] by ehuelsmann
Fix ZIP on Windows; in some ABCL lisp tests, it thinks we're trying to …
21:33 Changeset [12946] by vvoutilainen
Thread-safety fix for CLOS. Finding the problem and the patch by David …
16:14 Changeset [12945] by vvoutilainen
Add bug reporting instructions to the web pages.
09:19 Changeset [12944] by ehuelsmann
Fix tests: rename ":class-constructor" to ":static-initializer"; …
09:09 Changeset [12943] by ehuelsmann
Add the merge-back of the generic-class-file branch to CHANGES.
09:08 Changeset [12942] by ehuelsmann
Fix !-prefixed symbols: there are no duplicate symbols anymore; …
08:47 Changeset [12941] by ehuelsmann
Add ANALYZE-LOCALS, which should have been on the generic-class-file …


21:39 Changeset [12940] by ehuelsmann
Fix loss of precision in (expt <non-double> <complex-double>), fixes …
19:04 Changeset [12939] by ehuelsmann
Fix COERCE on a COMPLEX, being coerced to (COMPLEX <anything>); this …
19:00 Changeset [12938] by ehuelsmann
Fix partial date format support while parsing Last-Modified in …
13:23 Changeset [12937] by ehuelsmann
Update CHANGES with trunk progress.
10:07 Changeset [12936] by ehuelsmann
Fix build.
07:36 Ticket #107 ((setf (values (struct-slot struct)) (values 42)) fails) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: (In [12935]) Fix #107: Incorrect compilation of (SETF STRUCTURE-REF) …
07:36 Changeset [12935] by ehuelsmann
Fix #107: Incorrect compilation of (SETF STRUCTURE-REF) expansion.
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