20:01 Changeset [13124] by Mark Evenson
First draft of CHANGES for abcl-0.24.0.
11:14 JAVA:ADD-TO-CLASSPATH created by Mark Evenson
11:11 asdf/cffi edited by Mark Evenson
11:05 asdf/cffi edited by Mark Evenson
11:04 asdf/cffi created by Mark Evenson
CFFI jna descibed
09:22 Changeset [13123] by ehuelsmann
Remove UNSAFE-P from pass2 by eliminating SETQ rewriting.


20:30 Changeset [13122] by ehuelsmann
13:29 Changeset [13121] by ehuelsmann
Create unsafe-p removal branch to commit my work in progress while the …
12:09 Changeset [13120] by ehuelsmann
Improve parent/child block relationship tracking; Improve …


20:27 Changeset [13119] by ehuelsmann
Fix ANSI-TEST regressions from r13096: Arrays with an element-type …
20:12 Ticket #118 (Lisp.getUpgradedElementType returns more types than supported by ...) created by ehuelsmann
The above leads to possible failure: each upgraded element type has …


23:36 Changeset [13118] by ehuelsmann
Put the transformed INITFORM back into form being transformed.
17:41 Ticket #117 (Compiler stack inconsistency) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: (In [13117]) Fix #117: Workaround for the fact that we shouldn't be …
17:41 Changeset [13117] by ehuelsmann
Fix #117: Workaround for the fact that we shouldn't be doing UNSAFE-P …
14:53 Changeset [13116] by ehuelsmann
Remove layering violation from compiler-pass2::p2-setq; there should …
12:07 Changeset [13115] by ehuelsmann
Add SOME-NESTED-BLOCK function to work with hierarchical block structures.
11:52 Changeset [13114] by ehuelsmann
Register each node being created with its parent. A parent is always …


21:24 Changeset [13113] by ehuelsmann
Finalize renaming JNULL_REF to JNULL_REF_P.


21:55 Changeset [13112] by Mark Evenson
Set EOL to native.
21:38 Changeset [13111] by ehuelsmann
Add a tools/ directory and a code-graphing tool to visualize …
21:04 Ticket #114 (Strange backtrace growth) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: The backtrace growth occurs when Lisp.pushJavaStackFrames() …
21:01 Changeset [13110] by Mark Evenson
Always emit a newline at the end of printing a backtrace for aesthetics.
21:00 Changeset [13109] by Mark Evenson
Remove the deprecated and dangerously non-functional …
21:00 Changeset [13108] by Mark Evenson
Fix strange backtrace growth as reported in ticket #114. There may be …
20:51 Changeset [13107] by ehuelsmann


22:10 Changeset [13106] by ehuelsmann
Make Interpreter.UnhandledCondition? print its message formatted, …
22:06 Changeset [13105] by ehuelsmann
Fix Pathname.java failing to find boot.lisp in an "unpacked JAR" …


12:14 Changeset [13104] by ehuelsmann
Export Object.equals() wrapper from java.lisp.
11:59 Changeset [13103] by ehuelsmann
Add JNULL_REF to check for a JavaObject? containing a 'null' value.


11:03 Changeset [13102] by ehuelsmann
Add more type-conversion helpers to java.lisp.


23:43 Changeset [13101] by astalla
Reduced verbosity of the AbclScriptEngine?


11:01 Ticket #117 (Compiler stack inconsistency) created by Mark Evenson
In compiling Alexandria from its git repository, I isolated the …


18:38 Ticket #116 (Installing cl-unicode via quicklisp fails) created by vvoutilainen
Here's the printout and a reproduction recipe: …
18:11 CommandLineArguments edited by vvoutilainen
18:09 WikiStart edited by vvoutilainen
18:06 CommandLineArguments created by vvoutilainen


22:23 Changeset [13100] by ehuelsmann
Remove dead code and unused imports from Pathname.
22:20 Changeset [13099] by ehuelsmann
Stop using a deprecated function (File.toURL()).
22:18 Changeset [13098] by vvoutilainen
Add a --help parameter that prints out command line arg help.
22:16 Changeset [13097] by ehuelsmann
Remove redundant function [toURL(Pathname p)] from Pathname.
21:38 Changeset [13096] by ehuelsmann
Add initialization with the default value of the element type if …


21:43 Changeset [13095] by ehuelsmann
Remove unused packages.


10:04 Changeset [13094] by ehuelsmann
Eliminate flushes after every character in javax.scripting support. …
09:54 Changeset [13093] by ehuelsmann
Change JAVA-EXCEPTION-CAUSE to protected. Set format control and arguments.


23:52 Changeset [13092] by ehuelsmann
Store the original Java error in the "cause" field of the …
23:19 Changeset [13091] by ehuelsmann
Override UnhandledCondition?'s getMessage() function to report the …


15:58 Changeset [13090] by vvoutilainen
Make --batch exit, use Lisp.exit() in places where applicable so that …


17:13 Changeset [13089] by Mark Evenson
An example of using the ability to dynamically create Java interfaces. …
09:11 JavaFfi edited by Mark Evenson
07:50 Changeset [13088] by Mark Evenson
Fix algorithim error in writing byte sequences via …
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