23:06 Changeset [13224] by astalla
Updared POM to reflect version 0.25.0-dev and added instructions for …
22:30 Changeset [13223] by ehuelsmann
Remove branche now integrated in trunk.
22:29 Changeset [13222] by ehuelsmann
Backport 'unsafe-p-removal' branch: this commit pushes back the …
21:35 GSOC/ProjectProposals edited by Mark Evenson
21:23 GSOC/ProjectProposals created by ehuelsmann
Initial content.
00:20 Ticket #128 (ABCL command line processing should terminate with '--') created by Mark Evenson
Didier writes from …


23:29 Ticket #123 (REGISTER-JAVA-EXCEPTION failing) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: Fixed in r13211 by Alessio as reported in …
23:03 Changeset [13221] by astalla
Fix LispClass?.subclassp(LispObject) used by register-java-exception. …
22:41 ASDF-INSTALL edited by Mark Evenson
Note that ASDF-INSTALL is supported under Windows (diff)


21:27 Changeset [13220] by ehuelsmann
21:08 Changeset [13219] by ehuelsmann
Add caching to CHECK-INITARGS: cache sets of allowable initargs per …
18:37 Ticket #83 (problem with error reporting on undefined class during make instance) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: Fixed in r13217: the error is now about finalizing a …
15:29 Changeset [13218] by ehuelsmann
Replace algorithm in EXTRACT-LAMBDA-LIST-KEYWORDS to make a single …
11:41 Changeset [13217] by ehuelsmann
Move checking for FORWARD-REFERENCED-CLASS superclasses from …
11:02 Changeset [13216] by ehuelsmann
Fixes to checking initargs: - Use only keyword arguments for the check …


18:36 Changeset [13215] by ehuelsmann
18:10 Changeset [13214] by ehuelsmann
Finalize subclasses as soon as a forward-referenced class gets defined …


23:06 Changeset [13213] by astalla
Added Maven POM for deployment. Fixed a primitive class name in Java.java.
09:04 Changeset [13212] by Mark Evenson
Added Ant targets to generate javadoc. 'abcl.javadoc' generates the …
06:43 Changeset [13211] by Mark Evenson
'abcl.source.jar' now produces a source archive intended for Maven. …


10:38 Changeset [13210] by ehuelsmann
Reduce complexity of a test: no need to check initarg is not NIL, NIL …


21:46 Changeset [13209] by ehuelsmann
Add documentation to STD-SHARED-INITIALIZE and add initarg checking to …
18:01 Changeset [13208] by ehuelsmann
Add documentation.
17:59 Changeset [13207] by ehuelsmann
Fix CHECK-INITARGS checking the wrong generic functions by making it …


20:03 Changeset [13206] by ehuelsmann
Simplify argument passing in CHECK-INITARGS.
16:26 Changeset [13205] by ehuelsmann
Upon defining a forward referenced class, assign the …
16:00 Changeset [13204] by ehuelsmann


22:58 Changeset [13203] by ehuelsmann
Create ATOMIC-DEFGENERIC macro, in order to eliminate FMAKUNBOUND …


22:40 Changeset [13202] by ehuelsmann
Add some documentation and indicate the direction to work on.
11:14 Ticket #127 (SLIME fails to EXTENSION:QUIT) created by Mark Evenson
Alan Ruttenberg reports that "(QUIT) in SLIME doesn't" […] The …


14:28 Ticket #126 (Provide mechanism for user to extend Java classes via Lisp) created by Mark Evenson
[http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4785969/can-you-write-a-java-class- …


21:45 Changeset [13201] by ehuelsmann
21:17 Changeset [13200] by ehuelsmann
Atomically swap generic functions into place of temporary DEFUNs for …
07:25 Changeset [13199] by Mark Evenson
Fix ad infinitum appending of 'svnversion' results in incremental …


23:35 Changeset [13198] by ehuelsmann
Update r13197 for Windows.
22:26 Changeset [13197] by Mark Evenson
Incorporate output of 'svnversion' into LISP-IMPLEMENTATION-VERSION. …
21:19 Changeset [13196] by ehuelsmann
Provide more context regarding the reason of autoloading. Note: This …
20:52 Changeset [13195] by ehuelsmann
Finalize CLASS and STANDARD-OBJECT, just like most (all?) others in …
20:50 Changeset [13194] by ehuelsmann
As a convenience-method: let BUILT-IN-CLASSes report themselves as …
18:55 Changeset [13193] by ehuelsmann
Revert r13190: Detect loops in autoloads and requires. Note: This …
13:35 Changeset [13192] by ehuelsmann
Signal an error containing the name of the class, when the type of the …
13:20 Changeset [13191] by ehuelsmann
Signal an error containing the name of the class, when the type of the …
13:17 Changeset [13190] by ehuelsmann
Detect loops in autoloads and requires (and remove some trailing …


23:17 Changeset [13189] by ehuelsmann
Fix MACROEXPAND-ALL autoloader which should be loaded from 'format.lisp'.


22:48 Changeset [13188] by ehuelsmann
Fix DEFSTRUCT trying to generate accessors named NIL. Note: …
21:08 Ticket #125 (Qi loading issues) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: (In [13187]) Fix #125: FASL reader should not convert symbol case [Qi …
21:08 Changeset [13187] by ehuelsmann
Fix #125: FASL reader should not convert symbol case [Qi FASL loading …
21:03 Ticket #125 (Qi loading issues) created by ehuelsmann
Greg Baryza writes: […]


10:12 ImplementingJavaInterfaces edited by Mark Evenson
10:11 ImplementingJavaInterfaces edited by Mark Evenson
10:05 Changeset [13186] by Mark Evenson
Add a slightly simpler example of implemeting a Java interface in …
10:01 ImplementingJavaInterfaces edited by Mark Evenson
08:47 ImplementingJavaInterfaces created by Mark Evenson
Implementing Java interfaces in ABCL
08:39 Ticket #119 (Unexpected CLOS shared slot initialization order) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: (In [13185]) Fix #119: Incorrect dynamic environment for evaluation of …
08:39 Changeset [13185] by ehuelsmann
Fix #119: Incorrect dynamic environment for evaluation of :CLASS …


21:56 Changeset [13184] by ehuelsmann
Enhance error messages for improved user friendlyness, as requested by …
21:24 Changeset [13183] by ehuelsmann
Make sure we autoload FORMAT whenever we've booted far enough and the …
20:41 JavaFfi edited by ehuelsmann
update link (diff)


20:50 Changeset [13182] by ehuelsmann
Fix part of the error printing issues reported by Blake.


20:08 Changeset [13181] by ehuelsmann
Increase autoload verbosity: include FASLs too (not only Java classes).
14:26 Ticket #18 (Incorporate 'invoke.lisp' dynamic classpath ability) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: Alessio Stalla added the functionality some time before 0.24
12:24 Ticket #109 (When TPL::REPL is unavailable, the debugger kills the entire application) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: This issue is fixed in 0.24: (QUIT) doesn't call EXIT anymore, but …
12:21 Ticket #124 (Failure to be an SBCL build host) created by ehuelsmann
When building SBCL with ABCL, I'm getting the error …
11:26 Changeset [13180] by ehuelsmann
Remove redundant method.
11:26 Changeset [13179] by ehuelsmann
Add comment on how to prevent a specialization of Condition.initialize().


23:25 Ticket #123 (REGISTER-JAVA-EXCEPTION failing) created by ehuelsmann
William writes: Hi, I am trying to register Java exceptions using …
22:55 Changeset [13178] by ehuelsmann
Fix problem found by Blake McBride? while running SCONE. Note: the …
20:03 Changeset [13177] by ehuelsmann
Correct release notes for 0.24.
17:44 Changeset [13176] by ehuelsmann
Publish 0.24.0.
12:26 Milestone 0.24 completed
11:18 Changeset [13175] by ehuelsmann
Increase branch version number.
11:17 Changeset [13174] by ehuelsmann
Tag 0.24.0.
11:15 Changeset [13173] by ehuelsmann
Backport CHANGES.
11:15 Changeset [13172] by ehuelsmann
Set a release date on 0.24.0.
10:17 Changeset [13171] by Mark Evenson
Merge: r13165-13166: Update README.
10:09 Ticket #122 (printObject() infrastructure doesn't support *PRINT-CIRCLE*) created by ehuelsmann
From a reaction of mine to a mail by Kevin Reid: > I don't think …


22:18 Changeset [13170] by ehuelsmann
Update CHANGES for the latest merge.
22:18 Changeset [13169] by ehuelsmann
Update CHANGES for the latest merge.
22:12 Changeset [13168] by ehuelsmann
Merge r13141-13146 and r13156: Make sure ABCL doesn't call …
20:57 Changeset [13167] by ehuelsmann
Merge r13148 and r13149: Additional changes to use reflection based …
14:13 Changeset [13166] by Mark Evenson
Smooth over more nits in the README.


14:08 Changeset [13165] by ehuelsmann
Update README.
13:57 Changeset [13164] by ehuelsmann
Backport CHANGES.
13:56 Changeset [13163] by ehuelsmann
13:51 Changeset [13162] by ehuelsmann
Merge r13135: go back to reflection based method instantiation.
13:31 Changeset [13161] by ehuelsmann
Final UNSAFE-P removal.
12:20 Changeset [13160] by ehuelsmann
Further transition to unsafety detection in pass2.


22:02 Changeset [13159] by ehuelsmann
Further transition to unsafety detection in pass2.
21:07 Changeset [13158] by ehuelsmann
Further transition to unsafety detection in pass2.
13:09 Changeset [13157] by ehuelsmann
Further transition to unsafety detection in pass2.


16:33 Changeset [13156] by ehuelsmann
Make 'getStatus()' public.


22:07 Changeset [13155] by ehuelsmann
Allocate registers based on the representation requested, don't use …
21:19 Changeset [13154] by ehuelsmann
Provide better infrastructure for operand accumulation.


12:15 Ticket #121 (p2-test-* infrastructure should use COMPILE-TEST-FORM) created by ehuelsmann
Where it sometimes uses COMPILE-FORM and tests for NIL. Another idea …
12:02 Changeset [13153] by ehuelsmann
First batch of UNSAFE-P function conversions.
10:45 Changeset [13152] by ehuelsmann
A jump being local already implies it's within the same compiland.
01:25 Ticket #120 (p2-* and p2-test-* infrastructures overlap) created by ehuelsmann
As an example, take p2-numeric-comparison and p2-test-numeric-comparison.
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