11:16 Changeset [13268] by Mark Evenson
Start of tool grab and analyze ANSI error reports from SLIME.
05:56 Ticket #146 (MAKE-PATHNAME erroneously merges directories as in MERGE-PATHNAMES) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: (In [13267]) Fix #146 so MAKE-PATHNAME uses :DIRECTORY argument even …
05:56 Changeset [13267] by Mark Evenson
Fix #146 so MAKE-PATHNAME uses :DIRECTORY argument even if NIL.


05:51 Changeset [13266] by Mark Evenson
Add an 'update' task to upload application to GAE.


20:02 OOMHandling edited by pduboue
some hints on dealing with stack overflows. (diff)


15:48 Changeset [13265] by Mark Evenson
Further corrections to GAE example.
07:12 Changeset [13264] by Mark Evenson
Fix the GAE example so that the 'ant runserver' target works. Now …


08:34 Ticket #146 (MAKE-PATHNAME erroneously merges directories as in MERGE-PATHNAMES) created by Mark Evenson
As noted in http://article.gmane.org/gmane.lisp.armedbear.devel/1867


08:29 Changeset [13263] by Mark Evenson
MAKE-PATHNAME erroneously merges directories as in MERGE-PATHNAMES …


13:32 CLOSExtensions created by Mark Evenson
12:30 Changeset [13262] by Mark Evenson
Fix UNUSED.2 for ABCL. Allow CLISP to compile compiler-tests.lisp.
08:41 Changeset [13261] by Mark Evenson
Only invoke ABCL internal Lisp tests by default. Housecleaning in …


16:02 Changeset [13260] by Mark Evenson
Test for ticket #142.


21:56 Changeset [13259] by astalla
Java method resolution algorithm used by JCALL extracted to a method …


15:03 Ticket #145 (Support running ABCL on JamVM) created by Mark Evenson
A request to support ABCL running on the …
14:47 Changeset [13258] by Mark Evenson
Update to ASDF-2.014.
10:00 Ticket #144 (Compiler generates incorrect bytecode) created by Mark Evenson
In working through his snmp implementation, binghe came up with the …


11:11 Ticket #143 (CLOSURE-HTML 20101006-git fails to compile) created by Mark Evenson
Attempting to install closure-html from Quicklisp produces a stack …
10:54 Ticket #142 (Problem compiing LOGAND) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: r13257 addresses the problem with LOGAND. SNMP now compiles and loads.
10:50 Changeset [13257] by Mark Evenson
Fix compilation of LOGAND for args that could possibly be nil. Fixes …


06:55 Ticket #142 (Problem compiing LOGAND) created by Mark Evenson
From binghe's …


13:46 Ticket #141 (Fix the SETF expander to work with APPLY for arbitrary function) created by Mark Evenson
CL-CONTAINERS from Quicklist MAR2011 fails to compile because our SETF …


06:24 Changeset [13256] by Mark Evenson
The sharpsign backslash macro now understands \unnnn as an escape for …


20:26 Changeset [13255] by Mark Evenson
Enable our GRAY-STREAMS implementation to work with flexi-streams. …
20:25 Changeset [13254] by Mark Evenson
Reformat to 80 columns
15:18 Changeset [13253] by Mark Evenson
Upgrade to asdf-2.013.


13:20 Ticket #135 (ql:FEB2011:bordeaux-threads BORDEAUX-THREADS does not work) reopened by Mark Evenson


18:36 Changeset [13252] by vvoutilainen
Revert the fix attempt for files with names like File::Foo::Bar. It …
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