20:27 Changeset [13605] by ehuelsmann
Add properties.
20:26 Changeset [13604] by ehuelsmann
Bump FASL format because of the now supported circularity: even though …
18:01 Changeset [13603] by ehuelsmann
Change assertion instead of hash table type; every object other than …
08:16 Changeset [13602] by Mark Evenson
Restore clean source compilation from breakage in r13600.


20:50 Changeset [13601] by ehuelsmann
Set properties.
20:49 Ticket #143 (CLOSURE-HTML 20101006-git fails to compile) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: (In [13600]) Fix #143: Support circularity in serialized forms -- …
20:49 Changeset [13600] by ehuelsmann
Fix #143: Support circularity in serialized forms -- this enables …
20:44 Changeset [13599] by ehuelsmann
Make sure every form has its own reader circularity context - at least …
20:32 Changeset [13598] by ehuelsmann
Bind *SHARP-SHARP-ALIST* to NIL when starting a non-recursive READ …


20:46 Changeset [13597] by ehuelsmann
Fix issue reported by Eric Marsden: failure to compile functions with …
20:36 Changeset [13596] by ehuelsmann
When an error function is passed into PARSE-DEFMACRO-LAMBDA-LIST, call …
20:05 Changeset [13595] by ehuelsmann
Locally untabify.


19:06 Ticket #170 (Make COMPILE-FILE a multi-pass operation) created by ehuelsmann
The single-pass implementation of COMPILE-FILE has several drawbacks: …
19:00 Ticket #169 (Conformance with section (externalized objects in COMPILE-FILE)) created by ehuelsmann
Currently, if the same object is encountered in multiple forms being …


20:44 Milestone 0.27 completed
20:12 Ticket #84 (jcall and t/nil boolean arguments) closed by ehuelsmann
wontfix: This has been fixed differently: by adding a +java-true+ and a …
20:10 Ticket #66 (Tests for DEFINE-METHOD-COMBINATION (long form)) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: Fixed with r13593 (and earlier).
19:48 Changeset [13594] by ehuelsmann
Fix out-of-date function calls (fixes test suite failures which were …
19:36 Changeset [13593] by ehuelsmann
Fix some porting errors.
19:24 Changeset [13592] by ehuelsmann
Remove debug PRINT forms and correct return value expectations.
18:25 Changeset [13591] by ehuelsmann
Promote DEFINE-METHOD-COMBINATION (long form) to 'production' status, …


07:11 Changeset [13590] by ehuelsmann
Fix porting error.
05:54 Changeset [13589] by ehuelsmann
Follow-up to yesterday's work: unbreak D-M-C, the non-:ARGUMENTS case.


21:43 Changeset [13588] by ehuelsmann
Fix D-M-C (:ARGUMENTS ...) form and eliminate ugly +GF-ARGS-VAR+ hack.
18:45 Changeset [13587] by ehuelsmann
Fix typo copy/pasted with code from STD-COMPUTE-EFFECTIVE-METHOD-FUNCTION.
18:37 Changeset [13586] by ehuelsmann
Reduce complexity of STD-COMPUTE-METHOD-COMBINATION: move lambda …
18:01 Ticket #168 (Compilation fails for quicklisp let-plus) created by Mark Evenson
let-plus-20110730-git, a dependency for LLA, cannot be compiled …
14:49 Changeset [13585] by ehuelsmann
Don't hard code variable name in a single function template across …
10:21 Changeset [13584] by ehuelsmann
Remove unused variable in METHOD-COMBINATION-TYPE-LAMBDA.
10:19 Changeset [13583] by ehuelsmann
Resolve FIXME regarding D-M-C.


20:36 Changeset [13582] by ehuelsmann
Add method combination test 3b.
20:34 Changeset [13581] by ehuelsmann
Extract a function.
14:46 Ticket #134 (Better support for packaging systems in jar files) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: asdf-jar README Markdown Shipped as part of …
14:43 Ticket #135 (ql:FEB2011:bordeaux-threads BORDEAUX-THREADS does not work) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: BORDEAUX-THREADS-0.8.1 has been released. To be packaged in Quicklisp …
12:28 Changeset [13580] by Mark Evenson
ispell buffer.
12:24 Changeset [13579] by Mark Evenson
Document using Rhodes' extensible sequeunces for java.util.List.
12:05 Changeset [13578] by Mark Evenson
Refresh README. Update Maven dependencies to explicit 0.27.1 version.


17:19 WikiStart edited by Evenson Not Org
17:18 WikiStart edited by Evenson Not Org
14:14 Changeset [13577] by ehuelsmann
Add D-M-C design notes.
14:07 Changeset [13576] by Mark Evenson
Correct misspelling.
14:02 Changeset [13575] by Mark Evenson
Update ABCL-ASDF contrib to 0.4.1. Document functions a bit better. …
11:39 Changeset [13574] by Mark Evenson
New cycle of CHANGES for abcl-0.28.0.
11:32 Changeset [13573] by Mark Evenson
Update the Maven artifact descriptions produced as output.
11:31 Changeset [13572] by Mark Evenson
Correct Maven artifact descriptions to 0.27.1-dev.


16:29 Changeset [13571] by Mark Evenson
Backport r13570: Fix typo in abcl-asdf.
16:22 Changeset [13570] by Mark Evenson
Fix typo in abcl-asdf.
13:34 Changeset [13569] by ehuelsmann
Signal an error if unambiguous sorting of methods within a method …
09:59 Changeset [13568] by ehuelsmann
Remove unused GF argument from MOP::PROCESS-NEXT-METHOD-LIST to …
06:23 Changeset [13567] by Mark Evenson
Full build results from x64-pc-solaris-5.11.oi148. Build metrics …


22:57 Changeset [13566] by ehuelsmann
More D-M-C tests and fixes.
19:18 Changeset [13565] by ehuelsmann
Remove releases older than 1 year.
18:26 Changeset [13564] by Mark Evenson
Note SBCL build-host.
18:24 WikiStart edited by Mark Evenson
18:17 Changeset [13563] by Mark Evenson
Redraft abcl-0.27.0 release notes.
17:37 Changeset [13562] by ehuelsmann
Publish 0.27.0, updating site and adding release notes.
14:30 Changeset [13561] by ehuelsmann
Update branch version number.
14:29 Changeset [13560] by ehuelsmann
Tag 0.27.0.
09:36 Changeset [13559] by ehuelsmann
Increase trunk version number.
09:32 Changeset [13558] by ehuelsmann
Create 0.27 release branch.
09:21 Changeset [13557] by Mark Evenson
Note MVN ability in CHANGES.
08:10 Changeset [13556] by Mark Evenson
README for using the ASDF definitions to define JVM artifacts.


21:58 Changeset [13555] by ehuelsmann
Further check the sources for calls to %class-slots, changing to …
08:33 Changeset [13554] by ehuelsmann
Fix DESCRIBE for instances of classes with a custom META-CLASS. Found …


12:07 Changeset [13553] by Mark Evenson
Final metrics for initial run for every tenth commit


15:48 Changeset [13552] by Mark Evenson
Update gnuplot from new data. Be a little bit more verbose in our output.
15:42 Changeset [13551] by Mark Evenson
Additional results from the build-metrics run for jar-size and compile …
15:41 Changeset [13550] by Mark Evenson
Maven dependencies loaded via ASDF defintions. If a Maven3 …
14:03 Changeset [13549] by Mark Evenson
Builds successive versions from a Mercurial repository.
13:58 Changeset [13548] by Mark Evenson
Tools for processing the progressive build size and times of abcl.jar.


14:03 Changeset [13547] by Mark Evenson
Noted CHANGES for contrib since abcl-0.26.2.
05:35 Ticket #167 (series fails to compile) created by Mark Evenson
The version of Series packaged by Quicklisp #<SYSTEM series / …


20:36 Changeset [13546] by ehuelsmann
More CHANGES updates.
20:11 Changeset [13545] by ehuelsmann
Update CHANGES with development so far.
08:39 Changeset [13544] by Mark Evenson
Spellchecking and proofreading.
08:25 Changeset [13543] by Mark Evenson
Number the FAQ questions and answers via CSS.
07:46 Changeset [13542] by Mark Evenson
Include instructions for what to do about PermGen? memory errors. Note …


23:23 Changeset [13541] by Mark Evenson
Convert docstrings and primitives to standard conventions.
23:23 Changeset [13540] by Mark Evenson
Pass wrapped error message to IllegalMonitorException?.


21:48 Ticket #166 (Stream wrapping streams conflict with pretty printer) created by ehuelsmann
The stream wrapping streams * BroadcastStream? * CaseFrobStream? * …
10:43 Ticket #124 (Failure to be an SBCL build host) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: The problem with x64-solaris-5.11.oi148 lies somewhere in the …
09:31 Ticket #165 (pprint-logical-block fails for format with list directive) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: Fixed in r13538, whose commit message incorrectly states that it is …
09:24 Changeset [13539] by Mark Evenson
Make compiler-tests.lisp safe for non-ABCL implementations again.
09:24 Changeset [13538] by Mark Evenson
(partially) address ticket #165. sbcl-buildhost gets much further, …


15:09 Ticket #165 (pprint-logical-block fails for format with list directive) created by Mark Evenson
Derived from the problems getting SBCL to compile, the following test …[…]
08:49 Changeset [13537] by ehuelsmann
Follow up to r13527 fixes TAGBODY.3 and TAGBODY.4 regressions.


21:34 Changeset [13536] by ehuelsmann
Move more static field initialization to the static class initializer …
20:35 Changeset [13535] by ehuelsmann
Moving huge object serialization from <init>() to <clinit>() broke the …
20:31 Changeset [13534] by ehuelsmann
Follow-up to r13531: The first resource file is _0, not _1.
12:48 Changeset [13533] by ehuelsmann
Remove two unnecessary EVAL-WHEN forms.
10:43 Changeset [13532] by Mark Evenson
Fix compiler for compile-time toplevel defstruct with print-object. …
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