20:08 Changeset [13631] by Mark Evenson
Clean out all the mouse droppings from the corners.
19:39 Changeset [13630] by Mark Evenson
The long form of DEFINE-METHOD-COMBINATION has been implemented.
19:37 Changeset [13629] by Mark Evenson
Dust off the README a bit.


12:42 Ticket #174 (Conformance bug in time implementation when using SLIME) created by Blackout Pro
ABCL's time implementation does not return multiple values as …


05:05 Changeset [13628] by Mark Evenson
Adjustments to voice and presentation in the manual.
05:05 Changeset [13627] by Mark Evenson
Manually wrap text for JAVA docstrings.


21:13 Changeset [13626] by astalla
Manual: documented the JSR-223 implementation.


20:56 Changeset [13625] by ehuelsmann
More documentation of the Java FFI.
18:33 Changeset [13624] by astalla
Subsection on intended class and a few minor tweaks.
15:44 Ticket #173 (Cannot initialize ABCL within .ear) created by https://me.yahoo.com/a/KvgfiPIMkNAd1zTHUTfXlVJkp92K#3d978
Exception is java.lang.Error: ABCL Debug.assertTrue() assertion …


20:05 Changeset [13623] by ehuelsmann
Add some documentation to the Java->Lisp and Lisp->Java sections.


09:47 Changeset [13622] by Mark Evenson
Documentation process for loading the SEQUENCE package. It would be …
06:33 Changeset [13621] by Mark Evenson
Continue to refine runnable names.
06:32 Changeset [13620] by Mark Evenson
Escape # character which is apparently a macro in latex.
06:32 Changeset [13619] by Mark Evenson
More incremental progress.


18:18 Changeset [13618] by Mark Evenson
Clarify PATHNAME class hierarchy.
14:36 Changeset [13617] by Mark Evenson
Fix compile errors of the thread pool abstraction.
14:30 Changeset [13616] by Mark Evenson
A wrapping of the built-in Java thread pool of Executors. Provides a …
14:11 Changeset [13615] by Mark Evenson
The start of a recipe for grovelling the docstrings of a runnin ABCL …
14:11 Changeset [13614] by Mark Evenson
Render documentation for variables: Java null, true, and false literal …
08:33 Changeset [13613] by Mark Evenson
Differention symbols as to functions, generic functions, and macros. …
08:26 Changeset [13612] by Mark Evenson
Edit for more consistent voice.
08:04 Changeset [13611] by Mark Evenson
Start article describing the implementation of URL-PATHNAME.


20:38 Changeset [13610] by Mark Evenson
More grinding out the manual.


14:33 Changeset [13609] by Mark Evenson
Test for DOCUMENTATION failing to access generic function docstring (#172).
14:32 Ticket #172 (DOCUMENTATION does not work for generic functions) created by Mark Evenson
DOCUMENTATION does not seem to be able to retrieve the docstring for …
14:18 Changeset [13608] by Mark Evenson
Fill in some missing docstrings from JAVA package. Unfortunately, we …
14:17 Changeset [13607] by Mark Evenson
Fixes for tests under SBCL. Include the non-ABCL specific tests in …


06:32 Changeset [13606] by Mark Evenson
Correct URL for http browsing ABCL source in Maven POM.


19:39 Ticket #171 (Support for circular forms breaks Ironclad compilation) created by Mark Evenson
The support for circularity in compiled forms committed in r13600
17:24 JavaScriptingAPI edited by Alessiostalla
Fixed broken link to examples subdirectory. (diff)


20:27 Changeset [13605] by ehuelsmann
Add properties.
20:26 Changeset [13604] by ehuelsmann
Bump FASL format because of the now supported circularity: even though …
18:01 Changeset [13603] by ehuelsmann
Change assertion instead of hash table type; every object other than …
08:16 Changeset [13602] by Mark Evenson
Restore clean source compilation from breakage in r13600.


20:50 Changeset [13601] by ehuelsmann
Set properties.
20:49 Ticket #143 (CLOSURE-HTML 20101006-git fails to compile) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: (In [13600]) Fix #143: Support circularity in serialized forms -- …
20:49 Changeset [13600] by ehuelsmann
Fix #143: Support circularity in serialized forms -- this enables …
20:44 Changeset [13599] by ehuelsmann
Make sure every form has its own reader circularity context - at least …
20:32 Changeset [13598] by ehuelsmann
Bind *SHARP-SHARP-ALIST* to NIL when starting a non-recursive READ …
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