14:42 Ticket #189 (Compiler fails for 'unsigned-byte type declaration) created by Mark Evenson
From [http://article.gmane.org/gmane.lisp.armedbear.devel/2122 On …


12:21 Ticket #188 (READ can't read from gray streams) created by Mark Evenson
[…] See Also #166
07:44 Ticket #171 (Support for circular forms breaks Ironclad compilation) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: Ironclad compilation was completed as part of shipping 1.0.0.


22:34 Changeset [13696] by astalla
DEFMACRO now supports documentation strings as per the ANSI specification.


23:24 Changeset [13695] by astalla
Reimplementation of global symbol macros to avoid using the symbol's …
13:21 Changeset [13694] by Mark Evenson
Document how to render the User Manual as PDF.
10:08 Ticket #187 (Stack Overflow for Worst-case Vector Sort) created by Mark Evenson
[http://article.gmane.org/gmane.lisp.armedbear.devel/2118 James …


20:15 Ticket #186 (org.armedbear.lisp.IntegrityError means you need to check out how ABCL ...) created by Mark Evenson
13:17 Ticket #185 (hunchentoot with ssl fails to load correctly) created by Mark Evenson
Hunchentoot from the latest …


12:50 Ticket #184 (Normalize all assertions to runtime switch) created by Mark Evenson
We would benefit from consolidating all the assertions in the code …
12:43 Changeset [13693] by Mark Evenson
Document how to enable the runtime assertions asserted by the ABCL system.
12:33 Ticket #183 (build.xml needlessly compiling Lisp sources) created by Mark Evenson
The correspondence between the source and the targets of the Lisp …
11:53 Ticket #182 (ADJUST-ARRAY failure) created by Mark Evenson
[http://article.gmane.org/gmane.lisp.armedbear.devel/2114 Helmut Eller …


16:10 Changeset [13692] by Mark Evenson
Enable ASDF to load from jar files again for #181. Unsure if we need …
16:04 Changeset [13691] by Mark Evenson
Upgrade to ASDF-2.018.
14:25 Ticket #181 (Failure to load ASDF definitions from JAR files.) created by Mark Evenson
Unfortunately, I think we shipped abcl-1.0.0 with a non-working …


13:12 Changeset [13690] by Mark Evenson
Changes corresponding to abcl-20111102a.pdf. Now generating LaTeX …
13:12 Changeset [13689] by Mark Evenson
First semi-working version of groveling ABCL docstrings into LaTeX. …
13:11 Changeset [13688] by Mark Evenson
Remove erroneous fbound defintion for EXTENSIONS:PROCESS. The …


20:57 Changeset [13687] by Mark Evenson
20:57 Changeset [13686] by Mark Evenson
Starting to grovel resonable Tex from the docstrings (unfinished).
20:57 Changeset [13685] by Mark Evenson
Manual: Use \code for symbols, not \textsc.
19:17 Changeset [13684] by Mark Evenson
Manual changes corresponding to abcl-20111101a.pdf. Use the built-in …


08:19 Changeset [13683] by Mark Evenson
Grinding through filling in the manual.
08:19 Changeset [13682] by Mark Evenson
First plausible implementation of docstring groveling (unfinished).
06:18 Changeset [13681] by Mark Evenson
Backport r13677: Fix #179: LIST-DIRECTORY ignores :RESOLVE-SYMLINKS flag.


13:28 Changeset [13680] by Mark Evenson
Introspect docstrings from live ABCL image for the manual. …
11:56 Changeset [13679] by Mark Evenson
Minor manual revisions (in progress commit).
11:55 Changeset [13678] by Mark Evenson
Java5 JVM implementation use -XX:+CMSPermGenSweepingEnabled to GC Java …


13:29 Ticket #179 (LIST-DIRECTORY ignores :RESOLVE-SYMLINKS flag?) closed by vvoutilainen
fixed: Fixed by r13677
13:29 Changeset [13677] by vvoutilainen
08:13 Ticket #180 (Stack overflow memory conditions with lparallel) created by Mark Evenson
With the very interesting lparallel library, …
08:04 Ticket #179 (LIST-DIRECTORY ignores :RESOLVE-SYMLINKS flag?) created by Mark Evenson
I think there is a bug in the list-directory function. The …
06:22 Changeset [13676] by Mark Evenson
Start collecting optimal JVM command line options strings.


20:23 Ticket #178 (Replace source path with logical pathnames) created by Mark Evenson
It would reduce the fasl sizes somewhat to refer to the path as a …
20:18 Changeset [13675] by Mark Evenson
The java-1.7.0_01 from Oracle seems to work just fine.
20:09 Changeset [13674] by Mark Evenson
Finalize tags in CHANGES.
20:03 Changeset [13673] by Mark Evenson
Tag buils as abcl-1.1.0-dev for trunk.
12:49 WikiStart edited by Mark Evenson
common-lisp.net (diff)
08:07 documentation created by Mark Evenson
08:06 WikiStart edited by Mark Evenson
08:02 WikiStart edited by Mark Evenson
07:56 Changeset [13672] by Mark Evenson
Be a little smarter about finding the abcl-contrib archive. A more …
07:37 Changeset [13671] by Mark Evenson
Backport r13699: CHNAGES for 1.0.0.


15:56 Changeset [13670] by ehuelsmann
Fixup front page.
09:57 Changeset [13669] by ehuelsmann
Update CHANGES for 1.0.0.
06:51 Ticket #177 (ABCL 1.0.0 does not always find contrib) created by Mark Evenson
Need to generalize the logic to find versioned contrib. Workaround: …
05:33 Changeset [13668] by ehuelsmann
Update website for 1.0.0 release.


09:59 Changeset [13667] by ehuelsmann
Add signatures.
08:37 Changeset [13666] by ehuelsmann
Publish 1.0.0; will update website later.
07:45 Changeset [13665] by Mark Evenson
User Manual rc1. Add table of contents.
07:43 Changeset [13664] by Mark Evenson
Ville: add table of contents to Manual.
07:00 Milestone 1.0 completed
ABCL 1.0 abcl-1.0.0 A conforming ANSI Common Lisp implementation
06:38 Changeset [13663] by ehuelsmann
Increase branch version number with 1.0.0 tagged.
06:36 Changeset [13662] by ehuelsmann
Tag 1.0.0.
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