12:33 Ticket #196 (STABLE-SORT is only stable for lists) reopened by Mark Evenson
Just noticed that the change of implementation for STABLE-SORT has …


05:46 Changeset [13869] by Mark Evenson
jss doc: spellchecking


11:18 Changeset [13868] by rschlatte
Fix tilde appearances.
08:21 Changeset [13867] by Mark Evenson
abcl-asdf: fix logic for dealing with ASDF::MVN entries without …


16:36 Changeset [13866] by Mark Evenson
Promote JAVA:JARRAY-FROM-LIST to the public API. Re-run grovel on the …
14:53 Changeset [13865] by Mark Evenson
abcl-asdf: Rename SATISFY to RESOLVE. Re-jiggle the exported symbols …
08:59 Changeset [13864] by rschlatte
Remove export of some internal symbols from package java. ... also …


18:20 Changeset [13863] by Mark Evenson
abcl-asdf: always use runtime scope for resolving Maven artifacts.
18:20 Changeset [13862] by Mark Evenson
Make ABCL-ASDF:SATISFY a generic function, override it to interpret …
18:20 Changeset [13861] by Mark Evenson
abcl-asdf: Use the JVM's notion of the classpath separator.
18:20 Changeset [13860] by Mark Evenson
ABCL-ASDF:RESOLVE-ARTIFACT now returns the namestring of the artifact. …
18:20 Changeset [13859] by Mark Evenson
abcl-asdf: return the connector for "https" role-hint.
11:21 Changeset [13858] by rschlatte
Manual: fix grovel.lisp, add to Makefile (not run by default) ... …


20:19 Changeset [13857] by rschlatte
Enable :generic-function-class keyword. ... full …
12:17 Changeset [13856] by Mark Evenson
manual: clarify the interface for the default implementation for …
10:49 Ticket #196 (STABLE-SORT is only stable for lists) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: Resolved by Jorge Tavares [r13852] …
09:28 Changeset [13855] by Mark Evenson
manual: minor corrections to previous commit.
09:21 Changeset [13854] by Mark Evenson
manual: extend content in the Beyond ANSI section. Describe …
07:34 Ticket #187 (Stack Overflow for Worst-case Vector Sort) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: A new implementation that addresses this problem was provided by Jorge …


21:58 Changeset [13853] by rschlatte
Linkify manual. Also some light adjustments to contents.
19:08 Changeset [13852] by Mark Evenson
CL:SORT implementation replace non-optimal quicksort with public …
15:53 Changeset [13851] by ehuelsmann
Force FASL recompilation due to Closure.java ABI changes: increase …
13:09 Changeset [13850] by ehuelsmann
Remove Closure.fastProcessArgs(): it's concept has been abstracted …
11:35 Changeset [13849] by ehuelsmann
Switch compiled closures over to the ArgumentListProcessor? completely. …
06:56 Changeset [13848] by Mark Evenson
abcl-contrib: Corrections to README.


14:08 Changeset [13847] by Mark Evenson
abcl-contrib: Create a top-level README for someone browsing the archive.


22:15 Changeset [13846] by Mark Evenson
abcl-asdf: fix typo in previous commit. Or maybe I shouldn't attempt …
22:08 Changeset [13845] by Mark Evenson
Refactor previous commit into something (slightly) less hideous. …
10:11 Changeset [13844] by Mark Evenson
abcl-asdf: robustify strategy for finding Maven, especially under …
09:38 Changeset [13843] by ehuelsmann
Fix Maxima compilation failure.


20:10 AbclJavaProperties edited by Mark Evenson
20:08 WikiStart edited by Mark Evenson
20:06 Changeset [13842] by Mark Evenson
metadata+doc: Add Rudi Schlatte as a current committer.
13:25 Changeset [13841] by Mark Evenson
abcl-asdf: Use *maven-http-proxy* for all Maven Aether resolutions. …
10:10 Changeset [13840] by Mark Evenson
Fix syntactically incorrect DOAP description.
10:10 Changeset [13839] by Mark Evenson
Fix missing MOP:DIRECT-METHODS slot in STANDARD-CLASS introduced by …
08:32 Ticket #197 (JAR-PATHNAME errors and ambiguities) created by Mark Evenson
[http://article.gmane.org/gmane.lisp.armedbear.devel/2200 Yong reports …
08:24 Changeset [13838] by Mark Evenson
Partially ddresses #196: STABLE-SORT now works for non-list sequences.
08:03 Ticket #196 (STABLE-SORT is only stable for lists) created by Mark Evenson
[http://article.gmane.org/gmane.lisp.armedbear.devel/2204 Jorge …


23:01 Changeset [13837] by rschlatte
Implement specializer-method--related protocol. Add …
17:24 Changeset [13836] by Mark Evenson
abcl-asdf: Enable the specification of an http(s) proxy in …


20:24 Changeset [13835] by ehuelsmann
Further cleanup of Closure.java.
20:13 Changeset [13834] by ehuelsmann
Further reduce footprint and complexity by eliminating helper functions.
19:42 Changeset [13833] by ehuelsmann
When there's no &rest parameter, pass 'null' as the value for its name.
12:54 Ticket #195 (prompt is displayed twice when evaluating NIL at the REPL) created by rschlatte
[…] Reported by Blake McBride? Jan 16, 2012
10:09 Changeset [13832] by ehuelsmann
Clean up references to non-existing variable.


23:57 Changeset [13831] by ehuelsmann
Remove lambda list parsing from Closure: it's now fully handled by …
23:40 Changeset [13830] by rschlatte
Clear generic-function slot of method object in remove-method. ... …
23:19 Changeset [13829] by ehuelsmann
Remove unused variable 'specials' and unused function 'processParameters'.
23:13 Changeset [13828] by ehuelsmann
Remove variables 'variables' and 'bindInitForms'. Simplify free …
22:47 Changeset [13827] by rschlatte
Fix ansi tests class-0309, class-0310.1 ... ensure-class now …
22:09 Changeset [13826] by ehuelsmann
Implement processArgs() using the ArgumentListProcessor?.
21:55 Changeset [13825] by ehuelsmann
Implement fastProcessArgs() using the ArgumentListProcessor?.
21:41 Changeset [13824] by ehuelsmann
Use the arglist parser in some places.
21:15 Changeset [13823] by ehuelsmann
Add an ArgumentListProcessor? to Closure. It'll take over argument list …
21:14 Changeset [13822] by ehuelsmann
Fix trunk build after the previous commit. (Lesson: don't try to limit …
20:56 Changeset [13821] by ehuelsmann
(Re)factor function call argument matching out of Closure.java. Note: …
03:10 Changeset [13820] by Mark Evenson
jss doc: note availabilty of interactive restart to resolve class …


17:43 Changeset [13819] by rschlatte
make functionp recognize instances of funcallable-standard-object.
16:34 Changeset [13818] by rschlatte
Better error message for (allocate-instance (find-class 'symbol))
14:23 Changeset [13817] by rschlatte
Implement writer-method-class. ... Bonus content: make non-standard …
09:54 Changeset [13816] by rschlatte
Re-add some old-style readers for SLIME's benefit.


14:53 Changeset [13815] by rschlatte
Minor manual prettification.
13:06 Changeset [13814] by rschlatte
implement classes standard-method, standard-reader-method in Lisp
10:15 Changeset [13813] by Mark Evenson
jss readme: Balance parenthesis. Normalize symbols to keywords.
10:10 Changeset [13812] by Mark Evenson
Correct README to indicate that JSS 3 has a namespace.


23:48 Changeset [13811] by ehuelsmann
Performance improvement: Don't allocate a new environment and don't …


21:24 Changeset [13810] by ehuelsmann
Start factoring out p2-compiland as a jvm bytecode generator instead …
14:57 Changeset [13809] by Mark Evenson
maven: identify builds from trunk as '1.1.0-dev'.
13:57 Changeset [13808] by Mark Evenson
abcl-asdf: remove all the broken test framework references. The …
13:34 Changeset [13807] by Mark Evenson
Further fix for ABCL-ASDF load time failure. Start separating out the …
12:50 Changeset [13806] by Mark Evenson
Fix ABCL-ASDF load time failure.
12:40 Changeset [13805] by rschlatte
Update bibliography with information from dl.acm.org
11:32 Changeset [13804] by Mark Evenson
Fix for maven-3.0.4. Part of the process of cleaning up ABCL-ASDF to …
11:31 Changeset [13803] by Mark Evenson
Add Ant convenience target for "abcl-contrib.jar".
10:45 Changeset [13802] by rschlatte
Add Makefile for manual.
10:03 Changeset [13801] by rschlatte
Make manual compile again. Also BibTeX-ify bibliography.
08:53 Changeset [13800] by rschlatte
minor refactorings in the vicinity of standard-generic-function.
08:53 Changeset [13799] by rschlatte
Handle metaclasses given as symbols.
07:48 Changeset [13798] by Mark Evenson
Merge User manual from what we tagged as 1.0.1


19:56 Changeset [13797] by Mark Evenson
Speculative use of N3. Not even sure it is valid N3. Need to bootstrap G


15:18 Changeset [13796] by Mark Evenson
Add DOAP description for Armed Bear Common Lisp. Turtles all the way …
10:37 Ticket #194 (ansi-compiled CL-TEST::LOOP-16 test has stack overflow on java7) created by Mark Evenson


08:47 Changeset [13795] by Mark Evenson
Yong patches asdf-jar for MSFT. See …
07:52 Changeset [13794] by Mark Evenson
Bless abcl-asdf-0.5.0 to fix bugs. Outstanding issue is that it …
07:52 Changeset [13793] by Mark Evenson
Comment on desired buildtime bytecode JVM compilance


01:10 Changeset [13792] by astalla
A small reorganization of compiler/jvm code. Runtime-class wasn't …


22:44 Changeset [13791] by rschlatte
Merge branch 'mop-work'
20:26 Changeset [13790] by astalla
[runtime-class] added auto getter/setter generation for fields.
20:15 Changeset [13789] by rschlatte
Implement ensure-class-using-class.
20:15 Changeset [13788] by rschlatte
move error checking into canonicalize-direct-superclasses
19:39 Changeset [13787] by ehuelsmann
Implement keyword argument verification in the method invocation protocol.
19:38 Changeset [13786] by ehuelsmann
Initialize the OPTIONAL-ARGUMENTS slot in one more place.


23:38 Changeset [13785] by astalla
Refactoring in runtime-class. Added annotations on class. Added fields …
22:08 Changeset [13784] by ehuelsmann
Update function signatures of functions involved in object creation …
12:36 Changeset [13783] by rschlatte
Robustify funcallable-instances with respect to unspecified behavior.


21:55 Changeset [13782] by rschlatte
Implement readers for generic-function objects as generic functions …
19:51 Changeset [13781] by ehuelsmann
Support for the FUNCTION-KEYWORDS protocol, required to implement …
19:45 Changeset [13780] by rschlatte
Don't export funcallable-standard-class from CL. ... fixes a …
19:45 Changeset [13779] by rschlatte
slightly less dodgy long-form-method-combination initialization.
14:04 Changeset [13778] by rschlatte
Define make-instance for standard-class and funcallable-standard-class …
13:06 Changeset [13777] by ehuelsmann
Record optional parameters in generic function objects for quick retrieval.
07:24 Changeset [13776] by ehuelsmann
Remove ineffective LET binding which only returns its bound value …


20:07 Changeset [13775] by rschlatte
Support for funcallable instances. ... Move execute, …
16:52 Changeset [13774] by rschlatte
introduce funcallable-standard-class ... not yet usable as metaclass …
16:37 Changeset [13773] by rschlatte
introduce funcallable-standard-object.


21:27 WikiStart edited by Mark Evenson
21:26 WikiStart edited by Mark Evenson
21:24 WikiStart edited by Mark Evenson
21:23 WikiStart edited by Mark Evenson
21:22 WikiStart edited by Mark Evenson
20:18 Changeset [13772] by Mark Evenson
backport r13768 to fix #193 for the abcl-1.0.2 release.
19:38 Changeset [13771] by Mark Evenson
The Bear eats its tail. Use Maven to locate, retrieve, and cache the …
19:36 Changeset [13770] by Mark Evenson
Simple runtime maven test. CL-USER> …
19:22 Changeset [13769] by rschlatte
Remove spurious built-in class definition for method-combination
19:14 Ticket #193 (Failure to compile zero-length DEFSTRUCT :CONC-NAME) closed by rschlatte
fixed: (In [13768]) Allow zero-length symbols (written as ||). Fixes #193
19:13 Changeset [13768] by rschlatte
Allow zero-length symbols (written as ||). Fixes #193 (reported by …
15:08 abcl.png attached to branding by Mark Evenson
The Right to Arm Bears (logo)
15:06 branding created by Mark Evenson
Note logo creator
13:38 Ticket #193 (Failure to compile zero-length DEFSTRUCT :CONC-NAME) created by Mark Evenson
[Anton reports on a regression in running the tests for …
13:00 Changeset [13767] by Mark Evenson
Correct source URL locations.
12:41 Ticket #192 (ASDF::IMPLEMENTATION-IDENTIFIER contains ABCL build environment identifier) created by Mark Evenson
[http://article.gmane.org/gmane.lisp.armedbear.devel/2169 Anton …


22:04 Changeset [13766] by rschlatte
export a bunch of required symbols from package "MOP".
21:36 Changeset [13765] by rschlatte
Make #\Nul an alias for #\Null As reported on #lisp, and following …
21:17 Changeset [13764] by astalla
More value types for primitive annotation elements. Syntax sugar for …
21:07 Changeset [13763] by rschlatte
fix (defpackage :foo (:import-from "COMMON-LISP" "NIL")) We used the …
21:07 Changeset [13762] by rschlatte
Fix short-method-combination object creation ... fixes a number of …
16:28 Changeset [13761] by ehuelsmann
Better context reporting during initarg checking.
10:23 Changeset [13760] by Mark Evenson
Correct URI for abcl-contrib source.
10:23 Changeset [13759] by Mark Evenson
Update FAQ with location of ~/.abclrc file
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