16:16 Changeset [13965] by rschlatte
Implement (setf generic-function-name)
12:46 Changeset [13964] by rschlatte
make (setf class-name) call reinitialize-instance


11:39 Changeset [13963] by Mark Evenson
asdf: Upgrade to asdf-2.22.


11:46 Changeset [13962] by Mark Evenson
jfli: fix jref for byte array problem, clean up code. Patch by Alex …


13:11 Changeset [13961] by rschlatte
Export the rest of the standard metaobject readers - also some feeble …
12:52 Changeset [13960] by rschlatte
Export slot definition accessors from the MOP package - also move all …
12:26 Changeset [13959] by rschlatte
Implement compute-effective-method - possibly not quite compliant: we …
11:47 Changeset [13958] by rschlatte
Implement compute-default-initargs
10:44 Changeset [13957] by rschlatte
Properly initialize documentation for effective slot definitions


21:34 Changeset [13956] by rschlatte
Properly canonicalize class-direct-default-initargs - AMOP pg. 149: …


11:56 Ticket #214 (Stack overflow when compiler macro with fallback is triggered) created by Mark Evenson
[http://article.gmane.org/gmane.lisp.armedbear.devel/2352 James …


22:19 Changeset [13955] by rschlatte
Make slot-value-using-class &c dispatch on slot definition object - …


10:44 Ticket #173 (Cannot initialize ABCL within .ear) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: ABCL runs fine under current Weblogic 10.3. Exceptions for …


19:21 Changeset [13954] by Mark Evenson
bugfix: typo in last commit. Pay attention to indentation! Trust in …
19:06 Changeset [13953] by Mark Evenson
Customize the disassembler used locally to analyze JVM bytecode.
19:05 Changeset [13952] by Mark Evenson
jna: Add ASDF :defsystem-depends-on: clause to try to triage load failures.
09:40 Ticket #210 (Add JFLI to contrib) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: Implementation committed in r13590.
09:34 Changeset [13951] by Mark Evenson
jfli: start collecting tests. Need Anton's functions.
09:24 Changeset [13950] by Mark Evenson
jfli.lisp: https://github.com/mrohne/jfli/blob/master/jfli.lisp. …
09:21 Ticket #213 (ABCL-ASDF breakage on trunk) created by Mark Evenson
Changeset 1834:d7370bc12860: bad The first bad revision is: changeset: …
07:10 Changeset [13949] by Mark Evenson
abcl-contrib: Add jfli. The Java Foreign Linker Interface (JFLI) …


23:05 Ticket #212 (ABCL problems with cl-test-grid) created by Avodonosov
I encountered crash of ABCL 1.0.1 when running tests of many …


19:57 Changeset [13948] by ehuelsmann
Fix file handle leak identified by Alex Mizrahi.


17:50 Changeset [13947] by rschlatte
change slot names to avoid symbols from CL - The mop-feature-tests …
14:46 Ticket #211 (closure-common fails to load correctly after compilation) created by Mark Evenson
When compiling the fasl for closure-common/ystream.abcl an error in …
12:16 Ticket #194 (ansi-compiled CL-TEST::LOOP-16 test has stack overflow on java7) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: jdk1.7.0_04 has no such problem, so this was a bug in the ORCL jvm.
11:26 Changeset [13946] by Mark Evenson
Use java.io.File routine to guarantee uniquely non-existing pathname …
11:11 Changeset [13945] by Mark Evenson
Start collecting routines for massaging fasl for analysis tools.
11:11 Changeset [13944] by Mark Evenson
Add docstring for SYS:UNZIP.
11:11 Changeset [13943] by Mark Evenson
Fix EXT:MAKE-TEMP-DIRECTORY not to create extra subdirectory 'xx'.
09:50 Changeset [13942] by Mark Evenson
08:23 jvm-bytecode-tools edited by Mark Evenson


19:21 Ticket #210 (Add JFLI to contrib) created by Mark Evenson
Include Rich Hickey's JFLI in ABCL-CONTRIB Alex notes that he has …
13:01 Changeset [13941] by Mark Evenson
tools: Expand documentation for the bisect wrapper tool.
13:01 Changeset [13940] by Mark Evenson
Move JSS specific test under contrib. Invocations of the ABCL test …


13:41 Ticket #199 (CL:DEFMETHOD fails for &AUX arguments that reference other arguments) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: Addressed in r13939.
13:39 Changeset [13939] by Mark Evenson
Fixes ticket #199: CL-METHOD failure for &AUX arguments. DEFGENERIC …


17:23 Ticket #209 (ASDF uses compile time rather than load time values for computing fasl ...) closed by Avodonosov
duplicate: this ticket duplicates #192
09:33 Ticket #209 (ASDF uses compile time rather than load time values for computing fasl ...) created by Mark Evenson
[http://article.gmane.org/gmane.lisp.armedbear.devel/2307 Paul Nathan …


15:22 Changeset [13938] by Mark Evenson
Additional test for &aux problems. See ticket #199.


12:10 Ticket #205 (JSS logic for resolving methods a little wonky (could use better ...) closed by Mark Evenson
12:10 Changeset [13937] by Mark Evenson
jss: fix ticket #205 JSS:WITH-CONSTANT-SIGNATURE. Add more docstrings …
09:13 Changeset [13936] by Mark Evenson
abcl-test-lisp: add test for ticket #199. Fix test for tciekt #205.
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