15:55 Ticket #338 (read-invoke #" reader-macro doesn't work for top level forms) created by charmon
Attempting to use the #" read-invoke reader macro fails for top-level …
09:23 Ticket #273 (compiler macro, flet, inline => Failed AVER: "NIL") closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: Working for abcl-1.3.0


20:38 Changeset [14598] by Mark Evenson
Docs and metadata.
18:40 Changeset [14597] by Mark Evenson
Latest test results …
18:15 Changeset [14596] by Mark Evenson
asdf-install: Add vertial whitespace to *ASDF-INSTALL-VERBOSE* messages.
17:13 Changeset [14595] by Mark Evenson
asdf-install: correct metadata; refactor reference.
17:07 Changeset [14594] by Mark Evenson
Be more explicit about what is happening to ASDF:*CENTRAL-REGISTRY* to …
16:12 Ticket #337 (PROBE-FILE for jar file entries accessed via http fails) created by Mark Evenson
[…] […]


22:54 Changeset [14593] by Mark Evenson
Updating to ASDF which seems to mostly work. BUNDLE-OP is …
22:13 Ticket #334 (Forms evaluated with `--eval` not in a "correct" interpreter environment) closed by Mark Evenson
fixed: Problem resolved to properly initialization of the *BACKQUOTE-COUNT* …
19:58 Ticket #336 (cxml-stp breaks ABCL) created by charmon
Even with various memory-size increasing java incantations, trying to …


17:56 Changeset [14592] by Mark Evenson
SLIME configuation under NetBeans? working again. To use slime, ensure …


15:58 Changeset [14591] by Mark Evenson
Correctly initialize/restore *BACKQUOTE-COUNT* special when loading …


19:28 Ticket #335 (CL:MAKE-PATHNAME doesn't support :back arguments) created by Mark Evenson
Faré reports: See https://bugs.launchpad.net/asdf/+bug/1260011
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