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ASDF-INSTALL enables one to install ASDF packages from the Internet, correctly updating dependencies.

Currently, ASDF-INSTALL is an an optional contrib, that must be built from the source distribution by using the 'abcl.contrib' target from the Ant-based build process.

Once built, to use ASDF-INSTALL, use the following in your ~/.abclrc:

  (require 'asdf)
  (pushnew "jar:file:${dist.dir}/abcl-contrib.jar!/asdf-install/" asdf:*central-registry*)

where ${dist-dir} is replaced with the absolute pathname of the 'abcl-contrib.jar' location.

Then issuing

  CL-USER> (require 'asdf-install) 

will load ASDF-INSTALL.

To use ASDF-INSTALL, issue commands like

  CL-USER> (asdf-install:install :<PACKAGE>)

where <PACKAGE> is one of the packages listed in the ASDF-INSTALL packages. Most commonly used ASDF systems are linked in this manner.

Optionally, ASDF-INSTALL will use 'gpg' to verify the integrity of the installed packages.

Caveats: ASDF-INSTALL uses symlinks to record system locations, so it doesn't work under Windows. With the ability of ASDF2 to read symlinks, we can eventually crib the code to write symlinks as well (it involves binary manipulation of the files), but this is not yet accomplished. Patches welcome.