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Google Summer of Code 2010


  • Proposals for projects for ABCL

This would presumably be pretty easy, but it might be a good exercise to keep a list of projects "fresh" on the Wiki even if we don't enter GOOG-SoC-2010.

  • Who would be the mentoring organization?

We can't mentor as the deadline for submissions has passed (March 14), so we need to partner with a mentoring organization.

  • Who would mentor?

We could probably manage a "shared" mentoring through the #abcl IRC channel, but we need to realistically assess our resources for this. A mentor does get a small amount of money for the task.

  • Combine with LispNYC like last year?

Unfortunately it looks like LispNYC was not selected as a mentoring organization in 2009, so it doesn't look like they are trying for 2010 either.