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Steps to create a release

  1. Create a stabilization branch and update the version number in (on trunk)
  2. (Minimally) run the ANSI tests and Maxima test suite
  3. Stabilize for 2 weeks, during which:
    1. Changes get committed to trunk and backported to the branch from there. On each backport re-run the ANSI tests and the Maxima test suite
    2. Update CHANGES
    3. Check README for up-to-date-ness
  4. On the day of release:
    1. Check out the branch (fresh check out)
    2. Change the version number in (remove the '-dev' suffix)
    3. Update the release date/version number in CHANGES, README, doc/manual/abcl.tex, and abcl.rdf
    4. Branch the tag
      svn copy ^/trunk/abcl ^/tags/1.6.1 
  1. Run the Ant 'abcl.release' target
  2. (deprecated: Run the Lisp build)
  3. Commit the working copy to the version tag
  4. Check out the tag and use it to:
    1. Run the Ant 'abcl.release' target
    2. Unpack the source, running compilation on the sources extracted (otherwise the released binaries will contain a reference to the SVN version)
    3. Run the ANSI tests on the build result
    4. Do the same for the .tar archive
  1. Sign (PGP/GPG) the archives with detached, ASCII encoded signatures
gpg --default-key YOUR-KEY --detach-sign --armor FILE
  1. Upload the archives and their signatures (svn://
  2. Cliki. Updating the information contained on, and the changes will automatically show up on CLiki Common Lisp Implementation
  3. Update the page with a comment. (Not editable?)
  4. Add a blog item to the ABCL-DEV blog
  5. Update the ABCL website
    1. Update the download links to point to the new releases and checksums
    2. Create release notes
    3. Point the left menu to point to the release notes
  6. Send an update to armedbear-announce@ and armedbear-devel@
  7. Update (or ask for an update) the title of the #lisp FreeNode channel
  8. Close the milestone in Trac
  9. (Optional) create new milestones and versions in Trac