Release Notes for ABCL 0.15

Release notes for ABCL 0.15

Fixed special bindings un-binding in compiled code for (local) transfer of control using GO/RETURN-FROM
Special bindings now will get unbound in many more cases and much more efficiently upon local transfer of control.
Reduced ANSI failures in both compiled and interpreted modes
MULTIPLE-VALUE-SETQ wasn't working correctly on symbol macros. Multiple issues with DEFINE-SETF-EXPANDER, and others. See CHANGES.
Multiple JSR-233 (Java scripting) support fixes
See the logs for more: too much to summarize.
Compiler new feature
Support for COMPILE-ing functions with non-empty lexical environments - which themselves are not being compiled.
Google App Engine
Don't break when being run on Google App Engine because 'os.arch' isn't set.
CLtL2 primitive COMPILER-LET is now supported in the EXT package, so is MACROEXPAND-ALL.