Release Notes for ABCL 1.9.2


abcl-1.9.2 has been best tested on the openjdk8, openjdk11, and openjdk17 runtimes. It will run upon other platforms but these are the best supported.


* [r15712] JNA contrib has been updated to jna-5.13.0

* [r15711] (Alan Ruttenberg) Restore most of the speed of the generic
  function cache that was degraded with abcl-1.9.1

* [r15709] (Alejandrozf) The ABCL-STEPPER contrib provides a
  interpreted implementation of CL:STEP.

* [r15692][r15701]-[r15707] Substantially re-worked the Gray Stream
  implementation to fix many of its outstanding issues.

* [r15700] Introduced the POSIX-SYSCALLS contrib which allows one to
  set environment variables in the hosting JVM process.

* [r15698] (Uthar) Fix GRAY-STREAMS:STREAM-ELEMENT-TYPE for binary

* [r15689] (jpellegrini) Fix CL:LOG for behavior at zero.

* [r15686] Extensive grouting of accumulated bitrot in the ASDF-JAR
  contrib to enable more complete packaging of non-compilation
  artifacts as well as systems residing in jar files.

* [r15683] EXTENSION:REGISTER-ASDF adds a directory to ASDF by using
  the configuration API.

* [r15682] SYSTEM:ZIP now works with source in jar files.

* [r15674] (Uthar) Augment JAVA:JNEW-RUNTIME-CLASS docstring.

* [r15673] The outdated GNU Info version of User Manual has been
  removed.  The GNU Info conversion was done by hand, and is neither
  easily reproducible nor particually accurate at this point.

* [r15672] Fix build under podman by qualify remote registry for
  containerization base.

These changes may be viewed directly at CHANGES.

Release notes for older releases of ABCL.