Release Notes for ABCL 1.2.0

abcl-1.2.0 is a feature release

released at ECLM 2013 Madrid, ES // 01 June 2013 

   * Package local nicknames to behave like SBCL

   * ASDF 3.0.1 is now shipped with the implementation

   * a more robust MOP implementation

   * Common cases of creating purely synthetic JAVA:JNEW-RUNTIME-CLASS
     now (mostly) work.  Please report corner cases for fixing.

   * the system autoloader has been extended to cover functions bound to
     symbol properties

Issues Resolved

[#200]   ABCL compiler fails to produce loadable fasl for XPATH                      
[#321]   ASDF 3.01 
[#256]   Compilation failure in com.informatimago
[#274]   compiling "com.informatimago.common-lisp.cesarum") hangs [> 10 minutes]
 [#32]   Modify the currently disabled runtime-class.lisp code to not require ASM
[#152]   ql:closer-mop doesn't work
[#203]   Failure as build host for SBCL            
[#300]   Gray streams aren't streams
[#302]   Symbols fail to autoload
[#303]   CL:LOAD ignores :EXTERNAL-FORMAT argument
[#304]   Stack abstraction inconsistency between Java and Lisp frames
[#308]   Compiled FLET exhausts the stack
[#309]   Printer should obey package-local nicknames   
[#310]   Invocation of tests from from build.xml broken
[#311]   UIOP fails to upgrade
[#282]   Spurious macros redefinition warnings

The distribution contains a more detailed documentation of CHANGES.

Release notes for older releases of ABCL.