Release Notes for ABCL 1.4.0


  * Consolidated RUN-PROGRAM fixes (ferada, pipping)

  In support of getting a more universal UIOP:RUN-PROGAM across all
  contemporary Lisp implementations.

  * Upstream consolidated patchset (ferada)

  ** [r14857] Support `FILE-POSITION` on string streams.
  ** [r14859] Add multiple disassembler selector.
  ** [r14860] Add EXTERNAL-ONLY option to APROPOS.
  ** [r14861] Fix nested classes from JARs not visible with JSS.

  * [r14840-2] (Scott L. Burson) Introduced "time of time" semantics
  {encode,decode}-universal time.

  * EXTENSIONS:MAKE-TEMP-FILE now takes keyword arguments to
  specify values of the prefix and suffix strings to the underlying
  JVM implementation of

  * [r14849] EXT:OS-{UNIX,WINDOWS}-P now provide a pre-ASDF runtime
  check on hosting platform


  * [r14863] RandomCharacterFile (vibhu)

  * [r14839] (JSS) Ensure the interpolation of Java symbol names as
  strings (alan ruttenberg)

  * [r14889] Fix ANSI-TEST SXHASH.8 (dmiles)


  * [r14883] asdf-

  * [r14849] jna-4.2.2


  * [r14885] ASDF-INSTALL was removed

These changes may be viewed directly at CHANGES.

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