Release Notes for ABCL 1.9.0


abcl-1.9.0 has been best tested on the openjdk8, openjdk11, and openjdk17 runtimes. It will run other places but those are the best supported.


  • [r15572] (Jonathan Cunningham) Update reference to free version of Rhode's Extensible Sequence paper
  • [r15571] (Alan Ruttenberg) JSS update to javaparser-3.24.2 Fix tests, fix typo, lazily initialize via LOAD-JAVAPARSER on the first use of the number argument version of the macro.
  • [r15570] (Uthar) Prevent JCLASS-SUPERCLASS from failing on names (keywords) of classes generated by JNEW-RUNTIME-CLASS
  • [r15562] (Alan Ruttenberg) Add a restart for undefined functions
  • [r15561] Clarify call and lambda arguments limits somewhat
  • [r15560] (Alan Ruttenberg) Support for catch tags in SLIME
  • [r15559] (Alan Ruttenberg) Record source location for slot readers
  • [r15558] ABCL-INTROSPECT explictly home exported symbols in ABCL-INTROSPECT/SYSTEM to identify machinery added to the SYSTEM package after initial ANSI boot.
  • [r15549] (alejandrozf) Fix (coerce 'documentation 'function)
  • [r15548] (alejandrozf) Fill slots operation and operands with DivisionByZero condition when it is raised
  • [r15545] (alejandrozf) Update fill pointer when arrays are shrunk if necessary.
  • [r15544] [r15543] (phoe) Use PUSHNEW for CL:*FEATURES*; place :EXTENSIBLE-SEQUENCES in CL:*FEATURES* where appropiate
  • [r15542] (alejandrozf) Accessible symbols are always printed with package prefix
  • [r15541] (alejandrozf) Improve DRIBBLE to save almost everything, lexically closing over new REPLs, now cleanly closing/restarting
  • [r15494] When reading ZIP archives from streams, use modified date of byte source.
  • [r15493] The implmentation now uses :NEWEST for the version of references to EXT:JAR-PATHNAME objects which have been cached.
  • [r15492] Address inconsistency between populating entries in EXT:JAR-PATHNAME. A DIRECTORY should always be :ABSOLUTE in a EXT:JAR-PATHNAME unless there is no name or type component.
  • [r15491] Fix ZipCache to use the file system modification date
  • [r15490] EXT:AS-JAR-PATHNAME-ARCHIVE returns reference to a CL:PATHNAME as a EXT:JAR-PATHNAME
  • [r15489] DISABLE-ZIP-CACHE isn't currently working
  • [r15486] (Eric Timmons) Fix SYS:PROCESS-PID with SYS:RUN-PROGRAM
  • [r15483] Explictly scope all symbols in fasl loader
  • [r15481] Fix (or (unsigned-byte 8) (unsigned-byte 32)) vector reset
  • [r15480][r15484] (Robert Munyer) New algorithim for COMPILE-FILE-PATHNAME
  • [r15479] ABCL-BUILD now tests with ant-1.10.9
  • [r15478] ZS3 fix allocation for non-simple (unsigned-byte 8) vectors
  • [r15538] (contrapunctus) needled to correct outdated HTML links
  • [r15537] [r15536] [r15535] [r15534] [r15533] [r15532] ABCL-BUILD Correct deprecated JAVA-COMPILE-FILE, add file unit for top-level targets, implement COPY-DIRECTORIES-RECURSIVELY utility, docstring for exported ENSURE-MAVEN, clean compile errors, updateant URIs to available versions
  • [r15527] JNA update to jna-5.9.0
  • [r15525] JSS fix introspecting abcl.jar under openjdk1[67]
  • [r15524] [r15520] Test released LTS Java editions for openjdk{8,11,17} with Adoptium.
  • [r15523] (Scott Burson) Corrections to ENCODE-UNIVERSAL-TIME for dates after 2037.
  • [r15521] Use java.lang.Integer.valueOf() rather than constructor
  • [r15519] (Samuel Hunter) Fix and standardize all error reader functions.
  • [r15518] (Uthar) Remove confusing comment in example
  • [r15515] ASDF Fix JAR-PATHNAME loading systems under Windows
  • [r15513] (alejandrozf) Fix generic lambda lists congruency with keywords
  • [r15511] (Phil Eaton) Support variadic arguments with more required parameters
  • [r15504] Allow JAVA:JCLASS to work with non-primtive arrays suffixed with "[]"
  • [r15503] ABCL-AIO Fix finding ABCL-CONTRIB
  • [r15502] build: deprecate use of abcl.implementation.version
  • [r15501] (daewok) Uppercase arch before pushing it to *FEATURES*
  • [r15500] (Ferada) Fix printing of RANDOM-STATE
  • [r15496] Support use of Project Loom virtual threads. When the underlying JVM supports virtual threads, :VIRTUAL-THREADS will be present in CL:*FEATURES*
  • [r15495] This release targets openjdk8, openjdk11, and openjdk17

These changes may be viewed directly at CHANGES.

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