Release Notes for ABCL 1.9.1


abcl-1.9.1 has been best tested on the openjdk8, openjdk11, and openjdk17 runtimes. It will run other places but those are the best supported.


* [r15652] (Tarn W. Burton) Avoid NIL in simple LOOP from FORMAT

* [r15651] Maven may now be used for building/testing ABCL.

* [r15650] The build autoconfigure targets for openjdk17+ now add
  necessary opens command line switches to enable the successful use
  of CL+SSL via CFFI on such platforms.

* [r15653][r15647] ABCL-ASDF:MAKE-LOCAL-MAVEN downloads a version of
  Maven installed into the local XDG directory location and configures
  its subsequent use in the current session.  ABCL-ASDF provides a
  restart to invoke this installation if Maven can't be located at

* [r15644] (alejandrozf) fix compilation of a few TYPE-ERROR cases

* [r15643][r15645] (oldk1331) Fix SYS:RUN-PROGRAM waiting problems

* [r15639-40] (Alan) DEFMETHOD now accepts subtypes of MOP:SPECIALIZER
  as a discriminator.

* [r15636] Provide SETF'abl api for inspecting and modifying the
  underlying JVM context classloader.

* [r15635] Implement THREADS:GET-JAVA-THREAD 

* [r15633] Update openjdk versions ci installation automation to use
  latest openjdk8, openjdk11, openjdk17, and openjdk19 binaries.

* [r15632] ABCL-INTROSPECT properly scope reference to JavaStackFrame

* [r15631] Update IDE build/debug artifacts to Netbeans 16

* [r15630] (alejandrozf) Fix compilation of top-level lambda in
  function position.

* [r15628] (alejandrozf) Fix COMPILE-FILE-PATHNAME for Maxima.

* [r15622-24] Use TLS for all http resource names.

* [r15619] (alejandrozf) Accept KEYWORD as a package name when interning.

* [r15617] Upgrade to jna-5.12.1.

* [r15616] Enable compilation of wide indicies for ALOAD, ASTORE,

* [r15610] Revisit strategy for use of virtual threads.  Native
  threads are now the default.  The ability to spawn virtual threads
  is indicated by the presence of :VIRTUAL-THREADS in CL:*FEATURES*.
  Setting the special THREADS:*THREADING-MODEL* to :VIRTUAL results in
  THREADS:MAKE-THREADS spawning virtual threads.

* [r15609] Fix inspection of LispThread stack segments

* [r15605] (Uthar) Implement array types for JNEW-RUNTIME-CLASS

* [r15604] (Uthar) Implement superclass constructor chaining for

* [r15557] (Uthar) Fix class annotations on openjdk17 and newer

* [r15596] (Alejandrozf) Implement proper use of signals to fallback
  to the use of interpreted form for compilation results larger than
  65535 bytes.  Fixes loading of Fricas0

* [r15594] Update to asdf-3.3.6


These changes may be viewed directly at CHANGES.

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