source: tags/1.5.0/contrib/abcl-introspect/abcl-introspect.asd

Last change on this file was 15013, checked in by mevenson, 15 months ago

Restore the ability SYSTEM:CHOOSE-ASSEMBLER to use Objectweb

The Objectweb disassembler has been moved into the ABCL-INTROSPECT
contrib where it can be rationally installed via ABCL-ASDF
encapsulation of Maven artifacts.

To enable the Objectweb disassembler use

(require :abcl-contrib)
(require :objectweb)

File size: 449 bytes
1;;;; -*- Mode: LISP -*-
2(defsystem abcl-introspect
3  :author ("Alan Ruttenberg" "Mark Evenson")
4  :description "Introspection on compiled function to aid source location and other debugging functions."
5  :long-description "<>"
6  :version "2.0.0"
7  :depends-on (jss)
8  :components ((:file "abcl-introspect")
9         (:file "stacktrace"))
10  :in-order-to ((test-op (test-op abcl-introspect-tests))))
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