Clean up everything in preparation for working on 1.6.0


Basics in place for additional compilers:

  • CLtL Environment access
  • Java 6+ bytecode verifier (running the Prolog specification for bonus points)
  • refactored bytecode manipulation abstractions away from specials
  • cleaned up Streams (optionally implement a Lisp reader)

Milestone: 2.0.0

Due in 17 months (09/15/20 07:00:00)

New compiler(s):

One frontend to two backends:

0) The current Java 5 bytecode (49 0)

1) Java 8 bytecode (5? 0)

2) Android's JVM de jure (Dalvik as an exercise…)

The transformation could plausibly be served by using some portion of LLVM.

Instrument to java6 verifier passing jvm code.

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