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Last change on this file was 15385, checked in by Mark Evenson, 4 years ago

ci: various maintenance changes

Travis CI now uses versions of STATIC-VECTORS, CL+SSL, and CFFI from
Quicklisp distribution as all outstanding patches have been absorbed
upstream. While this means testing will change depending on the
current Quicklisp distribution when the tests are invoked, it will
more properly reflect common usage of these systems.

Overhaul ABCL-PROVE system definition explicitly enumerating tests for
more deterministic behavior. Remove unnecessary ABCL-PROVE/T
sub-system. Remove testing of JEANNIE from ABCL-PROVE so that it has
no dependencies external to the ABCL source tree.

Add TIME forms to ABCL/TEST/ANSI invocation.

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1(require :asdf)
4 (asdf:test-system :abcl/test/ansi/compiled))
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