Milestone 2.0.0

Due in 7 months (Sep 15, 2020, 7:00:00 AM)


Running and building on openjdk{8,11,12}.


  • CLtL Environment access
  • New compiler(s):

We could use compilers "outside" of ABCL by using something like LLVM. Instrument to java6 verifier passing jvm code to ensure quality.

One frontend to multiple backends, listed by utility:

0) java 8 bytecode (53? ?)

1) java 11 bytecode (? ?)


3) CLR

4) Android's JVM de jure (post-Dalvik only?)

  • Java 6+ bytecode verifier (running the Prolog specification for bonus points)
  • refactored bytecode manipulation abstractions away from specials Allows to start parallelizing compilation
  • cleaned up Streams (optionally implement a Lisp reader)
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