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Compiler error

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Priority: major Milestone: 1.5.0
Component: compiler Version: 1.4.0-dev
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Patrick Stein reports <> that the following forms cannot be loaded in their compiled representation:

;;; This program causes the ABCL compiler to generate code it cannot load.
;;; The code compiles and loads correctly if you do any of the following:
;;;   * change BUFSIZE to be 'INTEGER instead of '(INTEGER 0 100)
;;;   * delete the INLINE declaration for BUFFER-LENGTH
;;;   * delete the FTYPE declaration for BUFFER-LENGTH
;;;   * delete the TYPE declaration for NEW-CAPACITY

(deftype bufsize () '(integer 0 100))

(declaim (inline buffer-length)
         (ftype (function () bufsize) buffer-length))
(defun buffer-length ()
   (the bufsize 10))

(defun calculate-new-buffer-length (new-capacity)
   (declare (type bufsize new-capacity))
   (min (buffer-length) new-capacity))

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