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Problems with CL:WILD-PATHNAME-P

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Priority: major Milestone: 1.6.0
Component: interpreter Version: 1.4.0-dev
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Pascal notes on armedbear-devel@ :

Why do we have?

   (wild-pathname-p  #P"*-blah") -> T
   (wild-pathname-p  #P"*-blah" :name) -> NIL

This is inconsistent (and non-conforming). 
Actually wild-pathname-p returns NIL for all fields:

(mapcar (lambda (field) (wild-pathname-p  #P"*-blah" field))
       (list :host :device :directory :name :type :version))'

If that was true, then (wild-pathname-p #P"*-blah" nil) should return
NIL, not true.

   If field-key is not supplied or nil, wild-pathname-p returns true if
   pathname has any wildcard components, nil if pathname has none. If
   field-key is non-nil, wild-pathname-p returns true if the indicated
   component of pathname is a wildcard, nil if the component is not a

So we should have:

  (defun wild-pathname-p (path &optional field-key)
    (if (null field-key)
        (some (lambda (field-key)
                (wild-pathname-p path field-key))
              '(:host :device :directory :name :type :version))

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The implementation of WILD-PATHNAME-P turns out to be in Java at <>

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