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Using FASLs from a Jar

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Vibhu notes in <> that he is unable to use FASLs from a Jar

I've got #'asdf-jar:package to create a jar file containing lisp sources
and fasls. With abcl-1.0.1,
(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op ...)
uses the fasls from the jar, whereas with abcl-1.1.0 onwards those fasls
are ignored and the jarred sources are compiled into ~/.cache/... again.

Is this a bug, or is it a feature (as easyE seems to think it is, in the
last two sentences at:

If it's a bug, here is how far I've got in my diagnosis.

(asdf-jar:add-to-asdf "wispym.jar")

shows this in abcl-1.0.1

((#P"jar:file:/Users/vibhu/t3/wispym-all.jar!/**/*.*" T)
T) (#P"/___jar___file___root___/**/*.*"
(#P"jar:file:/**/*.jar!/**/*.*" #<TRANSLATE-JAR-PATHNAME {2B63F8AD}>) (T

but this in abcl-1.3.2,

((#P"/**/*.*" T) (#P"/**/*.*" #P"/**/*.*")
T) (#P"/___jar___file___root___/**/*.*"
(#P"jar:file:/**/*.jar!/**/*.*" #<TRANSLATE-JAR-PATHNAME {4F340027}>) (T

I think these are asdf output-translations, each specifying a source
directory and a corresponding destination directory.

The first two entries are significantly different between abcl-1.0.1 and

The reason I'd like to use the jarred fasls is that I'm distributing my
program to customers. I don't want to spew fasls around their hard
disks. I also don't want to get into having to explain to them to clear
caches. (I do have to do this locally on occasion, e.g. when timestamps
on files confuse the cache). But most importantly, I've got a large
cl-yacc grammar that takes ages to macroexpand and compile. I don't want
them to wait so long even though it's just on the first load.

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