This is a quick guide to the command line arguments accepted by the ABCL wrapper script.

--helpDisplays help about the arguments.
--noinformSuppresses the printing of version info.
--eval <form>Evaluates the <form> before initializing REPL.
--load <file>Loads the file <file> before initializing REPL.
--load-system-file <file>Loads the system file <file> before initializing REPL. This is practically for loading files from the ABCL jar.
--batchEnables batch mode. The --load, --load-system-file and --eval parameters are handled, and abcl exits without entering REPL.
--noinitSuppresses loading a .abclrc startup file.
--nosystemSuppresses loading the system startup file. This practically means a file named "system" inside the ABCL jar.
--Prevents further argument processing. This allows you to pass arguments like --help and --load to applications, by preceding them with --.
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